Karen here and I am continuing with setting up my dolls kitchen using items I have made. Today I am sharing with you how I made a microwave oven for my dolls.

To make your own you will need:

  • An Empty small box (I used a microwave popcorn box)
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker

* A small food image cut out of a magazine or printed from the internet

Step 1- Tape the open end of your box closed.

Step 2- Use your marker and ruler to make a mark 2 inches wide from the bottom right corner repeat at the top. Use your ruler to line them up, draw a line with your marker.

Step 3- On the opposite end of the box make a mark at the 1/2 inch mark on the bottom and the top and draw a line.

Step 4- Measure up from the bottom 1 inch and then again from the top and make a line, connecting all your lines.

Step 5- Use your scissors to cut a flap out of the box that will now become your microwave’s door.

Step 6- Use your ruler and marker to mark out the “window” for your Microwave door.

Step 7- Use your scissors to cut out the window

Step 8- Use your Duck Tape to cover the entire box and door. Be sure to leave the “window” open

Step 9 – Add a different color Duck tape to be the control panel for your microwave. Cut and place it along the side.

Step 10- Make a handle for your doll to be able to open the microwave. To make the handle tear off a piece of duck tape 3 inches long. Fold the edges into the center to make a handle.

Bend and shape it into place, then use more tape to secure the handle top and bottom.

*Step 11- Cut out a picture of food and tape it to the inside of your dolls microwave oven so that it looks like your doll is reheating or cooking something to eat.

I really enjoyed making this for my dolls kitchen and I hope you will enjoy making your own as well.