Karen here and today I am sharing with you one of my most favorite places at Camp, The Camp Cafe or dining hall! When I was growing up this was my favorite place to go as camp always had great food and great friends.  Setting up your own Camp Cafe /Dining Hall is easy using items you already have on hand, some of our Camp Doll Diaries Banner Printables and your imagination. Today I share with you my idea for a camp cafe as well as the doll play dialog I imagine my dolls would have at camp lunch.

Some items you may wish to add to your Camp Cafe are:

Start by selecting your play area! We had a nice day here so I took my dolls and doll play outside!

I love taking doll play outside! Even my neighbors stop and want to play! Add your doll play ideas to your scene, set it up outside or in your room, a shelf or cupboard is a fun way to create play scenes, it is all up to you!

Once you have set the scene it is time to have fun and play. Here is how I imagine my Happy Doll Diaries Camper’s Lunch Time conversation went…

“Hi Ivy” said Hannah, “How was your morning at camp?”

“Oh Hannah I had so much fun! Today I did arts and crafts and this afternoon I get to do archery! What camp activity did you do this morning?”

“I got to go canoeing! I sure am hungry! I can not wait to go again” said Hannah

“Oh Look Hannah here comes Kailey and Ruthie! Over here girls come join us for lunch!”

“Hi Ivy, Hi Hannah” said Kailey, how was your morning?

Both girls replied “Great!”

” I sure am hungry!” said Ruthie, “Swimming this morning sure made me hungry!”

“Me too” said Kailey.

“Kailey don’t you want mustard on your hot dog?” said Ivy

“No I just love Ketchup on my hot dogs, thank you though.”

“We had better eat up!” Said Hannah, “There is so much more to do this afternoon!”

“I wonder what is for dinner?” said Ruthie.

“Oh Ruthie, you are always thinking of food!” said Kailey.

“Yes, I can not wait, Camp Doll Diaries always has the best food!”

All the girls laughed and nodded in agreement.

” See you all back here for dinner” said Ivy.

“I am on my way to archery!”

“I better get going to arts and crafts” said Hannah, “Camp Crafts are always so much fun!”

“See you all later” Said Kailey “Aren’t you coming Ruthie?”

“Just one more bite of my hot dog and I am on my way to Square Dancing” said Ruthie.

“Square Dancing?” Said Kailey “Yes” Said Ruthie, ” It is so much fun!”

As the girls parted ways for their afternoon activities they were all so excited for the fun camp activities yet to come, camp memories are ones that stay with you for a life time.

I look forward to sharing more camp crafts and a more stories from camp soon!

PS – Today is Cecile’s birthday! Feel free to send in your photos of her celebrating for a special post later today.