I love the single serving size ice cream containers sold in the grocery store for doll play.  To add more play value to the container I added my own clay ice cream.

The container is such a great size for dolls!

Fill it up with ice cream to serve up a doll size treat anytime!

Let’s take a look!


  • single serving ice cream container
  • cardboard
  • white and brown clay (mine is Sculpey)
To make it look like the tub of ice cream is full I covered a cardboard round with speckled clay.  
I followed the package directions for this Sculpey clay and baked it in the oven to harden it up.  Any kind of clay will do the job.

To make it look like the container is full of ice cream, stack and glue rounds of cardboard that will fit in the container.

Now this mini tub of ice cream is ready to be served up! 

Make extra matching balls of “ice cream” to serve it up!  

If you need an ice cream scoop make one out of clay to go with the set!

This is an easy and fun set to make for doll play!