As the tide goes out it leaves treasures from the sea behind on the sand.  Among them you may find drift wood, seaweed, and seashells.  

Collect a few mini shells in your pocket and make them into necklaces for your doll! 

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-5

Of course if you don’t live by the sea, shells are still widely available at craft stores and in big box stores and you may even have a few around your house! 

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-11

This craft is inspired by both a necklace I had as a girl and seashell jewelry I saw on Facebook a few weeks ago.

When I was about 10 a neighbor gave me a shell necklace with gold on the edges.  It was lovely and felt very grown up for me at the time.  I was disappointed when it was crushed, sometime in my growing up years, such a shame to see a beautiful thing ruined. 

When I saw the seashell jewelry online recently it reminded me of the necklace I once had and decided to create something inspired by both my necklace from yesteryear and this online project!   

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-9

Let’s make a simple seashell necklace for your dolls!

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls


  • thin elastic chord or ribbon
  • mini shells
  • thin wire
  • gold marker (optional)
  • scissors or wire cutters

Add the gold accent around the shell with a gold marker.  Carefully hold the shell between two fingers and run the marker along the edge of the shell.  Set the shell aside to dry for 2-4 hours (follow the drying times on the label).

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-2

Wrap the shell in criss-crossed wire.  This adds a decorative touch and gives us a way to attach a necklace to the shell.

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-3

Twist the wire together on the back side and trim the ends short.  Thread the thin elastic chord (or ribbon) through the wire.  Adjust the length of the necklace and tie the ends.

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-10

Now we’ve made lovely doll jewelry from beach souvenirs! 

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-4

 In fact, the shells I used today are from a beach in Panama.  My son brought a bag of them back that he collected off the beach.

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-7

We have all been admiring them and now his little sister will enjoy a few shell necklaces for play!

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-6

If you brought a few shells home from a trip to the beach this summer, it’s time to go dig them out and make a doll necklace!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Ocean to beach to jewelry to play!