Hey girls! Natalie here! This week the entire Doll Diaries team is having a BLAST playing with Sculpey and making fun things for the dolls. Today I decided to make a doll iPad/tablet for Nellie using Sculpey, some tiny shape cutters and sculpting tools. Take a look.

Sculpey tablet for dolls

“Wow, adorable things on Dollstagram today!” Nellie gawked as she scrolled through the pictures. “Hmmm… 1:17 pm already? Gotta go get ready for soccer!”

To make your tablet you will need:

  • The DollDiaries 100 Days of Doll Play tablet cut out
  • A plastic knife   (I used the Sculpey cutting tool)
  • A rolling pin (Hands work also. I used the Sculpey 5 in 1 tool and used the handle as a rolling pin)
  • Polymer clay (I used green, black, purple, and indigo but any colors work)
  • Small clay cutters (Optional)

Start by laying the cut out on your base color of the tablet. Cut the shape of it onto your clay.

Now fold the cut out into a smaller rectangle. This will be your screen.

Now to decorate, I am making this the home screen. I took a few colors and rolled them out then cut them and softly pressed them onto the clay.

I even made a small home button out of silver and green! Don’t forget to round your corners a bit, too.

Finally I took some green and cut it into hearts and put them on the back. This is supposed to be the “logo”. Now bake using whatever instructions your clay has! It will come out ready for your doll to play with!

Hope you all enjoyed this! Send in photos of your clay creations to share@dolldiaries.com for the Sunday Showcase!

Until next time this is Natalie signing off. CLICK!