UPDATED May 25, 2011!!

Thanks to Gabriela who has been lucky enough to see the books first hand at the book publisher’s show and is sending me pictures.

American Girl Cecile and Mary Grace book covers

Meet Marie-Grace and Meet Cécile book covers. Cecile lives with her sculptor father, businesswoman mother, older brother, grandfather, widowed aunt and her son. She also has an AA housekeeper and cook and a white housemaid. Marie-Grace lives with her doctor father, uncle, no-nonsense housekeeper, and dog.

Inside Meet Marie-Grace - friends and family

The Friends and Family page of Meet Marie-Grace.

American Girl Meet Cecile inside pages

The Friends and Family page of Meet Cécile.

As I get more photos I will be adding them to this page.


May 8, 2011

Wow! American Girl historical character fans are in for a treat this year! Two new characters will be introduced and some of the first official photos of their illustrations/covers are beginning to surface, like these that were emailed to me by a reader today.

American Girls Cecile and Marie Grace

Introducing Cécile and Marie-GraceMeet Marie-Grace will be authored by Sarah Masters Buckey and Meet Cécile will be authored by Denise Lewis Patrick. The books are set in New Orleans, 1853. The theme color is pale blue. There are three books from the point of view of each of the two girls, and the story seems to be intertwined. The girls are from “very different worlds” but they some how meet and become friends. The 1853 yellow fever epidemic is a main plot point.

Cecile and Marie Grace new American Girl dolls

So, what are your thoughts? I am really excited for these new characters and their stories. Of course, as we get more information we will post it.

There are also pictures of the book covers posted here. Hopefully we will see even more in the next few weeks.

Update – these were first posted by Calyndra on the AG Playthings message board.