Scoop on the New Maplelea Doll

A few weeks ago we heard the announcement that Maplelea Girls – the dolls Canada – have a new doll coming out September 20, 2011. Since we have quite a few Maplelea Girl collectors and doll owners on Doll Diaries I decided to go to the source and see what kind of scoop I could get! Now these hints will be released via email sometime this week, but we have been given permission to share them with the Doll Diaries readers first!

What we know about the new Maplelea Girl:

  • She has a pet with four legs.
  • Some of her clothing reflects her family’s proud heritage.
  • She lives on an island (in Canada, of course).

Any guesses??

I can’t wait to meet the newest Maplelea Girl and learn more about her heritage and her Canadian life! She will be available for pre-order at on September 20, 2011 and will ship as early as September 30.

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  1. Beyond excited here! As I am Canadian, I can not wait to see who she will be, my guess is that she is from Vancouver Island, possibly? As I live on Canada’s West coast I would love to see a doll from here.
    I am guessing also that she is possibly First Nations, Which means that she is a Native Canadian Doll? If So I would be so excited to see that! Only a few more days before she is released! I can not wait!

  2. I’m Canadian too Karen. :) Although, I don’t like Maplelea, because I’m so used to looking at AG dolls.

  3. She might live on Prince Edwards Island, like Anne Shirley (I think)

  4. does anyone have Marie-Grace or Cecile yet?

  5. Hmmm….
    I don’t follow Maplelea girls as I have recently just hear of them, and I’m American. But my guesses would be Vancouver like Karen said, Victoria Island (as I have been to these) or even any Island in Nova Scotia. The problem with Prince Edward Island is that most of the Anne Shirely tales are made up, from what I’ve read PEI is all made up to look like Anne Of Green Gables when it wasn’t, or not any settlement on there. But then again I could be very wrong.
    Sofia, we are not really discussing american girls on this thread, as in its title it’s about Maplelea girls. But I do have Marie Grace. I am calling her Madeline.

  6. i want rebecca so badly!

  7. I’m not Canadian whatsoever, but I think the Mapelea dolls are cute! I don’t have an intention of getting one but I am excited to see this mysterious new girl.

  8. I think the new doll is from Newfoundland!

  9. I can not wait for it to come out I have a maplelea girl doll named Alexi so I wont get the new doll cause now I like Ag dolls.

  10. i needd to know

  11. Hmm…maybe she comes from Prince Edward Island!

  12. Hmm…I’m absolutely in love with Maplelea dolls, (I have Taryn) and so far I’m guessing that she’s from Vancouver island, and that she’s more than likely native or ‘black’. Can’t wait!!!

  13. Alex17- You do need to get Rebecca. She is so cute! though I do have a problem with her wig. It is thinner than the other dolls wigs but it is not a huge deal.

    Interesting I dont really care for Maplelea girls but I am curious about this new doll.

  14. Pretty Princess 6665454875438 says:

    I think she if from Newfoundland

  15. I have Taryn! I love her and I want to get her a friend (the new doll).

  16. Jeanie Dubberley says:

    A couple of comments:
    First, I suspect a poster above meant Vancouver Island (where the city of Victoria is) rather than Victoria Island, which is an island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
    Second, I lived in Prince Edward Island for several years, and even today there are many parts of the Island (not just Green Gables National Park, but completely natural areas) that look just like we would imagine them from the books.
    For the TV series and movies it was Ontario that was “all made up to look like Anne Of Green Gables”. They did a pretty good job, but for the real thing you want the Island.

    All that being said, I think the new doll will be Inuit, from one of our far northern islands. I can hardly wait to see her!