UPDATED! To see the first pictures of the Rebecca book covers visit the First Pictures of Rebecca post – and we just added the newest sneak peek picture of Rebecca from American Girl.

It looks like American Girl will be releasing their new doll in the historical collection, Rebecca,  in late May or early June 2009. According to Amazon, the Rebecca titles are being written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene (author of Nathan’s Hanukkah Bargain and Out of Many Waters) and will include:

Meet Rebecca (American Girls Collection)

Changes for Rebecca (American Girls Collection)

Candlelight for Rebecca (American Girls Collection)

Rebecca to the Rescue (American Girls Collection)

Rebecca and Ana (American Girls Collection) (I wonder if this is her best friend and if she will be released as a doll)

Rebecca and the Movies (American Girls Collection)

As we get more details and photos of Rebecca, the new historical American Girl doll and her collection, we will be posting it here. If you have scoop on Rebecca, send it to share@dolldiaries.com. And thanks to our fabulous readers for finding the info on the book titles, too!

UPDATE: Amazon has the Rebecca Mini Doll page created. Of course there is no picture there yet, but it does let us know she will have a mini doll like the other historical dolls do.