So, I wasn’t planning to have three posts go up today, but hey, when you get great news in the doll world, you just have to share it!! Our dear friend Frances from A Girl for All Time has been at Toy Fair London where they shared some really exciting news from her company. Not only are they releasing another doll in their British History line – Elinor from the 1600’s (Elizabethan era) – but they will have a range of modern girl dolls, too.

Olga from Swish & Swirl was with Frances at Toy Fair and captured some beautiful images of Elinor specifically for the Doll Diaries audience!

A Girl for All TIme Elinor

Oh the red curls!! I have to say, they really suit her!!

A Girl for All Time Elinor Elizabethan GIrl

Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™ is Matilda’s great great granddaughter, whom we meet at the court of Elizabeth I in her last days as queen, about 1603.  It’s dangerous times for England and for those at court, and Elinor will be no exception !

A Girl for All Time Elinor

Right now this doll is prototype but very very close to what will be released  – there will be changes but overall, Elinor will be very similar to what you see here.  In addition to her meet outfit, Elinor should have 2 other costumes released with her at the same time.

According to Frances, we expect Elinor to be available later this year (September-October time frame).

Be sure to check out Swish & Swirl, too, for more photos of Elinor and Living a Doll’s Life should have photos of the modern girl prototype soon, as well!

So, what do you think of Elinor?