Scoop – First Pictures of Rebecca Rubin – American Girls’ Next Historical Doll

American Girl doll new historical Rebecca Rubin

Thank you Madison, a Doll Diaries reader, for sharing a scan of a mailer she received announcing the debut of Rebecca Rubin, the next historical doll from American Girl.

She definitely is pretty and while she has some similarities to Samantha, she is truly beautiful and unique. Her story sounds very exciting – she is a Russian Jewish immigrant living in a row house on the lower east side in New York City in the early 20th century. She dreams of being an actress but her family has other ideas. I may be reading the books before my girls do! 😉

She will come with 6 books:

Check out more details on Rebecca debut activities at AGPNY

UPDATED!!! Madi sent me more photos of the book covers as well as the one-chapter preview booklet (chapter name A Sabbath Surprise).




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  1. Molly or Elizabeth? You can end up getting both, but for choosing which doll you get first (since you must like them equally), consider:
    · Which time period do you like better – 1770’s or 1940’s?
    · Do you have dolls from similar time periods as one of the two dolls? If so, consider the other one.
    · Which friend would you rather have – Emily or Felicity?
    · Do you have Emily or Felicity? If you have one but not the other, you may consider getting her friend before the other doll.
    · Which character do you identify more with?
    · Which story/plot in the books for the two dolls do you like better?
    · This is what I do: I make up stories in my head involving the dolls I don’t have and see what doll needs to come first to make the plot go better. For me, this means getting Felicity and then Addy, even though I do not prefer one over the other. Also, if I know that I will defiantly want the main doll and her friend, I always get the main doll first. This is what I did regarding Samantha and Nellie.

    I love all my dolls & dolls-to-be equally, so choosing what dolls should come next and in what order is always hard.

    Wow – that was long, but I hope it helps you decide – I’ll let you know if I come up with any more. Good luck!!!

  2. pioneerfan04, do you have Kirsten? I do and I love her so much – she was my first doll. I hate that Kirsten is part of the Forgotten 4 – AG had better not retire her! Love the (potential) name, by the way!

  3. yeah, so pioneerfan, can you PLEASE tell me what kind of blog it is that you can only invite people to with their email addresses? please!?!?!? :)

  4. OMG!!!! I WANNA GET HER!!!

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  6. bree,ur so lucky! u got the env phone! i don’t even have a cell phone. hav tons of fun in san fransico!

  7. chrysanthamum says:

    abby what is clubpenguin?

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    im not sure what doll i want to buy next either.

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  11. Ashleigh says:

    oh rebbecca looks really pretty sorry priscilla i was in floridia and couldnt respond and abby what do u mean u know me? i promise ill be on everyday cus these boards move so fast its hard to keep up, when i joined in 07 it was def not this crowded lol

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    i really want ruthie so badly

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  21. hey guys hav u ever been to kings island(i think that’s the name.) in virginia? i used 2 go there all the time when i lived there. iv only been to disney once so i don’t understand what u guys are saying when u talk about disney. ashleigh,hi! i missed you! how is your acting going? :)

  22. hey bree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay, we r chat buds again!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry about ur mouth…….

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  31. And I was also wondering if anyone has tried using a plastic steamer to get rid of the frizzies @ the bottom of the dolls hair? The hair on the heads of my dolls is neat, but the frizzies at the bottom (especially on Sam’s hair) really annoy me! I’ve seen youtube videos and read articles about this and before purchasing one and trying it out, I’d like to know if you guys have had any experiences w/ using a plastic steamer.

  32. No, I’ve never used a steamer, and you need to be careful using it, because it might ruin the dolls hair.

  33. That’s exactly what I am afraid of…