This week at Camp Doll Diaries we are all about SCIENCE!! We know your dolls will love learning about science, doing experiments, and having fun with their friends at camp.

Let’s start this week with instruction on how to make a doll sized telescope.


  • Black cardstock paper
  • Black foam paper
  • Aleene’s Hot Glue Gun or Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Aleene’s Glass Glue
  • Recycled package plastic or recycled craft container lids
  • Optional- black electrical tape.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

First I cut three strips of black card stock in 2 ½ inch strips.  I took one of those strips and rolled it into a one inch diameter.  Make this strip long enough for edges to overlap.  I hot glued the edges together.  Next, I cut ½ wide piece of black foam paper and rolled and glued it to the outer end of the paper tube.  I took the second strip of black card stock paper and glued the end on top of the black foam paper.  I repeated these steps once more for the third section of the telescope.  For the end glass caps you can cut out circles from recycled packaging plastic or use recycled lids from containers.  I had two lids from glitter containers that I used for my telescope.  I used Aleene’s glass glue to glue the caps into place.  The glue works wonders on any slippery surface.  I use glass glue on almost every wood or paper craft I work on.

I have to admit I was a little messy with my glue.  Oops.  So when all the glue dried, I used black electrical tape over the black paper cardstock.  I love that it gave the telescope a shiny look.  I really like how the telescope turned out!   It will make a great addition to your doll science display.

For additional set the scene details for Science Stars week I made Project Display Boards out of white card stock paper.  Each board is 6 ½ x 8 ½ inches.  Each side is folded in 2 ¼ inches.  I can’t wait to see what projects await us this week!

Dolls pictured:

Hearts for Hearts doll – Lilian, American Girl – Camila (Josefina), and Madame Alexander – Bailey (Hangin’ With Friends)

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