When I first saw Saige’s Sparkle Dress I liked everything about it except the color. I just didn’t think that bright pink was the best color for Saige. They could have made this dress in deep purple, teal, emerald green, or even a mint green and it would have been stunning on Saige, but pink… really? I decided to put the dress on a different doll – one that looks good in literally everything – Marisol – and yep, it works!

Pardon the horrible shadows – I needed this one more photo and my lighting was not right. But don’t you agree? The pink works so much better on Marisol with her darker skin, deep brown eyes and dark hair.

Natalie was playing around with camera effects while taking photos last night and got this cool shot that really highlights the gold.

Remember this photo? Julie went with us the day we got Saige and tried on the Sparkle dress in the dressing room of a store at the mall. I like the pink on Julie, too.

And while Saige looks cute in pink I think she would have been stunning in the same dress done in a shade of purple or green instead.

So, what is your take? Who looks best in this dress and why? If you were the designer, would you have made the Sparkle dress pink or would you have picked a different color?