Saige is so adorable in her now Doll Diaries pajamas.  They are so soft, cute and so pink!  I decided she needed a few more things so she could be prepared for slumber parties, including a sleeping bag.  Because she is about the right size to fit in a pant leg, I determined that an old pair of khakis would work beautifully.


To make the sleeping bag fun and pink, I used a batik dyeing technique that is just so much fun!  If you want to recreate this project you will need Elmers School Glue, rubber bands, Fuchsia Rit Dye (could use any color), scissors and Liquid Stitch (of course you could stitch for real too).


The first step is to cut your pant leg to the length you want your sleeping bag to be.

The second step is to doodle with the glue on the fabric and let it dry completely.

The third step is to crumple up you pant leg and put rubber bands around it loosely if you want a lot of pink and tightly if you want to keep some khaki color.


The fourth step is to submerge the pant leg into the dye/hot water mix.  For complete directions, follow the writing on the bottle or visit Rit’s website.

The fifth step is to  rinse the pant leg until the water runs clear, taking off the rubber bands.  Then wash and dry the pant leg separately from other laundry.  The glue will all wash out leaving your doodles behind.


Sixth…Seal the bottom of your sleeping bag closed with Liquid Stitch.


If you want to make it easy to get your doll in and out, you can cut a slit down the side.  I used pinking shears so it won’t ravel.   I also trimmed the top of the sleeping bag with the pinking shears and used the remnant to make a tie to go around the sleeping bag.


On my blog today, I am sharing another project that you can do with the same materials using the back pocket from the same khaki pants.  Check it out.

Happy PINK!  Happy Pajama Partying! Happy Making Things!