Saige’s Horse Parade Game

Christmas is over, which means the true countdown to American Girl’s reveal of their Girl of the Year for 2013 is on. While I fully expect the official press coverage of Saige and the Mommy Blogger reviews of her to appear at any moment, American Girl has Saige in the online catalog you see at the app store on the iPad and they have also loaded one of Saige’s games, Horse Parade, to the American Girl website.

American Girl Saige horse game

You can go play the Horse Parade game now. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but am going to give it a try this evening.

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  1. @Lena I’m a college freshman! :O
    But I discovered AG in around 2002-2003, and that was only the magazines and advice books.
    I got into the dolls in late 2010-early 2011.
    Therefore, there’s still a lot about AG’s history that I must learn. 😉

  2. @Jo Oh yeah, I did! I posted a comment on your channel saying that I loved Pokemon and AG dolls too! 😀
    I subbed to your channel. ;D

  3. venus yeah you did oh and i got ceciles summer outfit :] totally recommend it

  4. StoryTeller says:

    Lena– Come to think of it, I think I did get Kaya for $82, not $85. That was back when they gave you the option of buying the doll and hardcover book or the doll and paperback book. You could also get the doll PLUS her accessories and still only pay about $100. Yep, inflation has taken its toll….

  5. I wonder what life was like for AG doll fans back in 1986, when the Pleasant Company first started that line?
    And also in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Was it better back then, or was it much more limited compared to what we have now?
    I tend to feel this way about Build a Bear. I made my first Build a Bear in 2004, so it’s been almost nine years now (holy crab cakes)!
    Looking back, Build a Bear didn’t really have as much varieties and options as it does now (like all the Hello Kitty bears and whatnot).
    I wonder if the same thing would apply to American Girl… Lol, I feel like Philosoraptor right now. XD

  6. StoryTeller says:

    I was getting AG stuff in the ’90s and early 2000s. Back then, the focus was more on the historical dolls than the “Today” dolls (as they were called), and the historical dolls had more outfits– an outfit and accessories for each book in a character’s series and then some extra outfits and furniture. There wasn’t quite as much for the AG Today dolls– for instance, I don’t remember a lot of “everyday” outfits. They may have had a couple of different ones each year, but most of the outfits were more activity-specific such as ice skating or hiking outfits (though I could be wrong). I think there’s far more variety for the MyAG dolls now, but not as much for each historical character.
    I think I like the Mattel dolls a little better than the pre-Mattel ones. The PM dolls (like my Samantha) have glossy vinyl, so they look more doll-like and don’t photograph as well because they reflect more light. The newer dolls have a matte finish, so they look more realistic and photograph better. I think the newer dolls might have better hair, too, although my Samantha’s hair is in pretty good condition. Despite prefering the new dolls overall, though, I wouldn’t trade Samantha for anything. : )

  7. @StoryTeller Is that why whenever I see photos of Pre-Mattel dolls, I tend to see them with shiny, almost greasy-like faces? Because I don’t see this with the newer dolls, yet I always notice this on the older ones… :/

  8. Oh, and Pre-Mattel dolls have squishier vinyl, don’t they? Because whenever I go to my mom’s friend’s house to play with her daughter’s old Molly and Felicity dolls, I notice that their vinyl is shinier and… squishier compared to my dolls.

  9. I love the Saige tracker! She gets closer everyday! I cant wait til a couple of days before Saige arives, then she will be like….Right next to AGP LA! Yes, I live closest to there.

  10. Does anyone agree with me on this: Seeing the Girl of the Year’s collection before she comes out is cool. But I wish AG would do something about people just putting that stuff out there. I think it’s awesome to be surprised on January 1! I mean, what’s the fun of seeing everything and then it comes out ad you’re not as excited because you have already seen it? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing it all before. Well, sorry for the long comment, just speaking my thoughts. :)

  11. I agree with StoryTeller to avoid repeating about the old days.

    Paige, I like seeing the collection early. It helps me plan out how much I need to save. Since these images came from the AG web site, its entirly AG’s fault.

  12. Lena, you’re right. It is helpful. :)

  13. You know, for GOTY 2014, AG should let the fans come up with ideas for her… I’ve got quite a few, myself. *pulls out list extending from the USA to China* 😉

  14. Except then they’d have to pay the fans royalties, which they like avoiding at all costs.

  15. Teehee, Venus! Good idea! XD

  16. I can’t wait till she comes out!

  17. StoryTeller says:

    After your mention of the “squishy” vinyl, I had to go squeeze Samantha and check. : D
    I didn’t notice her feeling any “squishier” than Nellie, so maybe your friends’ dolls are older than mine?
    She’s definitely shinier, though.

  18. hi i played horse parade its fun

  19. This is hard! But very fun. :)