Saige here! Have you all forgotten about me already? I mean all I have been reading about since January 1st is B-A-L-L-E-T – seriously people? Luckily, Tracy from Tracy’s Designs on Etsy came to Saige’s rescue and sent her this sweet pink cowgirl dress, boots (from Sophia’s) and hat to try out.

The dress is a simple halter style with velcro in the back and a tie neckline, but it is fun and perfect for a hoe-down or rodeo dance!

Saige wanted Isabelle to take a break from city life, ballet and rehearsals and join her for a weekend in the country. She let Isabelle borrow her sparkle dress and introduced her to Sunny – one of the horses at the stable.

Isabelle and Sunny became very quick friends! 

“Maybe we should set you up with some horseback riding lessons tomorrow, Isabelle,” said Saige. 

Thank you to Tracy for sending us this fun outfit to review! Be sure to check out Tracy’s Etsy store to see her other doll designs, too.