We attended the Saige Movie Premiere at the Washington D.C. American Girl Store. The movie premiere took place at a hotel close to the store. We arrived to see the hot air balloon and the red carpet for the girls to walk. 
Girls and groups got to pose with the Saige inspired hot air balloon.
Then it was time for the red carpet, also known as the step and repeat. First was my youngest daughter, Pumpkin (her nickname on my blog)
Both my girls together. 
My oldest daughter, Snowflake got a good pose for the step and repeat. 
Next we got to wait in a short line until the event began. At which time, they let us into a room where they checked that we were on the list to attend. Each girl was given a gift bag and we headed into a room with 3 crafts and 2 photo booths. My girls had already done two of the crafts at other Saige events at the store, but our friends elected to make this paper hot air balloon craft.
My girls went straight for the craft they had not done before. This one was making a hot air balloon out of Crayola Model Magic. They turned out so cute. 
Then we went to wait in line for each of my girls to take pictures with their doll in the photo booth.
They also had a horse collage craft for the girls. The room was filled with all kinds of Saige dolls and her accessories as well with lots of bright colorful balloons.
The doors to the ballroom opened about 30 minutes before the movie. Our friends saved seats for us while we were in line for the photo booth. They did really great. 
We had front row seats, though the girls elected to sit on the floor with tons of other girls.
Of course American Girl had even more treats for us. They had a candy bar where the girls could go get a bag of candy to eat during the movie.
Delicious Georgetown Cupcakes! They were so good!
Of course they had popcorn because it wouldn’t be a movie premiere without popcorn.
Now my girls and their friends are ready for the movie to begin. The movie was really good and every girl that we were at the premiere with loved it! It is worth watching when it is on TV this week or buying the DVD (which we already found at Target last week!).
After our showing of the movie, the red carpet had been moved inside because of thunderstorms. The hot air balloon was also taken down. Thankfully, we had a chance to get a few pictures with most of our friends (though one is missing) on the red carpet after the movie.
Here I am with my girls. We loved the Saige movie and the whole event. We are quite certain you will love the movie as well!

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PS – Don’t miss out on the Saige movie on NBC July 13 at 8 pm Eastern.