Natalie here! Hey girls! While we all are getting ready for Camp Doll Diaries starting on Monday, Saige and our other dolls are getting ready for the one thing that they wait for all year. The season that is all about them cause we are out of school. Summer! Saige took some pictures of herself ready for Summer and it is time to share them with you!

Here we have Saige and Tammy playing together! They are having so much fun! Saige said they even flew together.

“Come on Tammy! I want a Popsicle!” Saige exclaimed.

After eating a Popsicle Saige took a little “Selfie”. She even got some bokeh in there!

Now to just lay down and soak up some sun.

Now for a little gymnastics!!!

“Take a picture of me being Mckenna!”Saige said.

Back flip! Saige is good! Not as good as Mckenna though!

Well I hope you enjoyed these photos of Saige! Comment which was your favorite!

Featured in this post:

  • Doll and outfit- Saige (Girl of the Year 2013) wearing the American Girl Place exclusive red flip-flops and swimming cover up. She also has her gold dangle earring in (comes with Saige’s accessories).
  • Pets-Ivy’s bird Lucy as Tammy

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!