I was not able to go to the AGDC movie premiere for the Saige movie because we had to go pick up my son from Summer Academy at NASA (it was soooo cool for him!), however, Diana went to the one in Atlanta and has done a report for us. I know of a few others who went to the DC premiere and will be sharing the various reports as I receive them.


This story is from the view of Saige:

Finally the day has come!  I have waited so long and now it is here!  I am going to the movies for the first time.  Hi Doll Diaries fans, I am so excited!  I am wearing my camp shirt which goes perfect with my shorts and sandals.

Here I am buckled up in the car and ready to go.  First stop is to pick up my best friend who also has the same name Saige.  We love to hang out together.

We have arrived at the Mall where we stop to check out the window displays.  Oh my, I love the new school outfits!  I plan to be the coolest girl wearing these outfits.

The second display window has all of my outfits including my new tunic outfit.  Oh what a beautiful collection!

It is time to go to the movies theater, look there it is!  AMC here we come!

Here we are in line, we arrived an hour early so we were the first in line.  Luckily we found this table where we could sit and rest.

Oh look, do you think we can go see MU?   I hear it is very good and funny.  Well, guess not right now since it is almost time for us to go inside.

Finally we got the best seat in the house and what a treat, popcorn!  My best friend Saige is sitting next to me and she too has popcorn.

I loved the movie and we are finally home, it has been a long day for me.  We received a goodie bag at the movies, so let see what we got!  In the bag we received a Saige t-shirt, some popcorn, a movie ticket for our scrapbook, a drawing pad and a movie poster.  I will have so much fun working on my drawings.  Thank you American Girl for this lovely event.

Movie Review:  Good, follows the books somewhat and the rest you need to see it for yourself…;-)