Saige Debut Exclusive T-Shirt Giveaway – ENDED

UPDATED WITH A WINNER – Congratulations Ashlee!! Please check your inbox.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!!! The girls and I went to the American Girl DC store today and got to be part of the crazy, happy, exciting, over the top, crowded, whirlwind that is the debut of the American Girl of the Year for 2013.  And of course I brought something back for one of you, too!

American Girl Saige debut t-shirt

They were giving out doll sized t-shirts just for the Saige debut and we ended up with three of them. One, we are going to keep as a souvenir of our day, one is being donated to a little girl who is going through chemo for Neuroblastoma, and this one is for one lucky reader!

Exclusive Saige tee giveaway

Julie came to the AG store with us today and she decided to change into Saige’s Sparkly Dress while we were still at the mall. It is nicer in person that it looks in the catalog. Anyhow, Julie and Saige just wanted to show you the shirt, too.


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  1. I like to express mu creativity by drawing pictures of my dolls

  2. I like to express my creativity by painting and drawing.

  3. i express my creativity by making stuff with duct tape

  4. I shared to my facebook friends so another creativity thing is drawing pictures of things i want to make for my dolls then making them

  5. I express my creativity by drawing i have tons on notebooks filled with drawings
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    Mom liked on facebook

  6. I express my creativity by painting
    Liked you on facebook told 1 person and emailed 2

  7. using duck tape
    i liked u on fb i follow u on pintests

  8. Scrapbooking would be how I express my creativity.

  9. I express my creativity by drawin pictures.

  10. I express my creativity by writing,drawing, painting,writing poems, oil pastels, and occasionally photography.

  11. Sorry, I forgot DUCK TAPE!!!!!!

  12. I express my creativity through art and my own creations, like clay models of my favourite people and things, and also through crafts I make for my dolls!(:

  13. AGMcKenna94 says:

    @ char- my first entry had the wrong email adress!!!! Can you use the email adress on this comment instead? Thanks!!!!

  14. agdollfan says:

    i express my creativity many ways, in making doll stop-motions, making doll things, drawing or writing, both songs and stories. i love being as creative as possible and, that’s how i have so many things in my AG doll house

  15. lila Smith says:

    i like to make doll crafts and i like to sew more i still have a long way to go one learning thow. i have modified baby outfits they are cute. i also let my creativity go when i wright. and i love to draw dresses. taking photos of my dolls is another way i do it to

  16. I express my slef by singing and making videos of my dolls!

  17. I tweeted about it yesderday I guess it did not show up on the comments!

  18. I put it on my bolg

  19. I like to express my creavity through writing songs then performing it

  20. Dance is my way of expressing my creativity. When you make up your own dance, anything goes!

  21. it gave my mom’s e-mail address wrong the first time

  22. My daughter expresses her creative through her writing and photography.

  23. skating and drawing is my passion and my way to express myself

  24. I express my creativity by lots of things like doing gymnastics,making cards,doing crafts for my dolls,and writing short stories! I gave you a shout out on instagram I am toygirl02 and my family follows you on FB

  25. I express my creativity by making up new and fun games for my friends and I too play. We can take a spin on an ordinary game like Clue or make up cool improv. games. I liked and shared you on Facebook!

  26. AGTLCREPAIR says:

    I express my creativity by making fun games and expressing myself through music by composing different kinds of modern pieces for piano

  27. I express my creativity by drawing and making crafts!