Hello everyone! It is Natalie back with another fun photostory for you. Let us get to it then!

“Hey viewers! Welcome to episode twenty one of my fabulous cooking show. Today we will be making peach tart pastries. Let’s just hop right in.” Saige stepped towards her cabinet and opened it up.

“You will need many supplies. A mixer, a set of measuring spoons, a large bowl, a measuring cup, a cookie tray, and a spoon.” Saige placed all of the supplies on the counter.

“Now you need some ingredients! You need peaches, milk, pastry flour, strawberries, eggs, butter, and one lemon.” Saige opened the fridge and grabbed all of the needed items.

“First start with three and a half cups of milk. You can use soy or 2%, whatever you have.” Saige lifted the milk carton and filled the measuring cups to the three and a half line then poured it into the big bowl.

“Now you must add the eggs. Use three, that seems to be the magic number in this recipe!” Saige smiled and put the eggs in with the milk.

“Time for the butter. You will need half a stick for this recipe,” the butter was dropped into the mixture.

“Then take your measuring spoons and add in seven tablespoons of pastry flour,” Saige scooped seven spoons into the bowl.

“Finally the peach juice. You only need two tablespoons of this!” Slowly, Saige poured the juice in.

“This is how the mixture should look before mixing,” Saige showed the viewers.

“Now blend with your mixer until you have a light brown dough!” Saige powered up her mixer.

“Set your dough mixture aside while you make the sauce. You put one strawberry and one lemon in a a pot filled with half a cup of water. Turn that on high heat and let the fruits break down for about 30 minutes,” Saige explained.

“When you come back you should have a creamy lemon berry sauce. Take this off the heat and keep stirring,” Saige lifted the pot off the heat.

Now start scooping some balls of dough and flattening them out,” Saige was pressing the dough into circles.

Now add a scoop of your sauce to your dough and spread it around some!” Saige evenly spread the mixture.

“For an optional step, take a left over peach and place it on the top of each pastry!”

Saige then slid them into the oven. “Bake for 15 minutes at 300 degrees fahrenheit.”

“TA-DA! You made some amazing peach pastries. Let’s try one,” Saige picked up a tart.

“YUM! I hope you enjoyed your treat as much as I enjoyed mine. Till next time, keep cooking fresh!” Saige smiled and waved to her camera.

What treats would you like to see Saige bake next?

In this scene:

  • American Girl Saige wearing Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Autumn Mist outfit
  • Kitchen is from Our Generation
  • Some of the doll food was made using Sculpey clay

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!