Saige and Felicity Side by Side Comparison

It has been a crazy busy week and I had wanted to share photos of Felicity and Saige side by side since I have had so many requests, but I had not had time to photograph them until this morning. For those of you who do not know Felicity – she is a retired historical character from Colonial days. Felicity also loves horses so it makes perfect sense that she and Saige get along.

American Girl Felicity next to Saige

Felicity decided to put Saige’s Meet Outfit on and see if she could pass off as Saige today. I don’t think so Felicity, but the outfit does look cute on you! Felicity and Saige do have the same face mold and their hair color is very similar, however, Felicity has those emerald green eyes and Saige has blue eyes. Plus, Felicity has no freckles and she has pin curls that frame her face.

American Girl Felicity next to Saige

This photo gives you a better look at how close their hair color really is!

American Girl Felicity next to Saige

I am not sure if Felicity is trying to teach Saige the Virginia Reel or if Saige is trying to teach Felicity how to square dance but I am sure it will result in a lot of giggles very soon.

American Girl Felicity next to Saige

From the back you can see a difference in their hair color – Felicity’s is lighter than Saige’s hair. Saige also has more curls and her hair is longer.

American Girl Felicity next to Saige

Felicity has given up pinner caps and long ball gowns for the time being. She is having fun being a girl of today in Saige’s world.

What do you think of Felicity and Saige side by side?

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  1. Char,How is “Mr.Char”??

  2. kananirulz says:

    @aura what is the swedish name for it? is it called Duktig?

  3. i’m not sure what number my sierra is……..she has green eyes brown hair and bangs….

  4. Amanda :D says:

    Storyteller- I have her and they are that bright! We went to the AG Place today and Saige is beautiful! I sadly did not get her.

  5. I have a question- My American Girl Doll Elizabeth’s hair is frizzy, hard to brush, and I can’t really do anything with it. What do I do!?!?!?!?!?

  6. StoryTeller says:

    Claire M.–
    First try misting it with water and gently detangling it, and if that doesn’t work, try putting about a centimeter of Downy fabric softener in a small misting bottle, filling the rest with water, and using that mixure for her hair.
    Does anyone else have any ideas for Claire?

  7. Caefully get her hair wet and use conditioner as a last resort

  8. Cheryl Freburg says:

    Claire M . – you can put mild shampoo in her hair if that does not work send her to the doll hospital

  9. I have never thought Felicity and Saige looked alike…..Earlier I almost had a heart-attack because I hadn’t been on Doll Diaries all day! 😀

  10. AllieGirlAG says:

    I just got Felicity yesterday.
    She is a Pleasant company Doll.
    She is in very good condition and I got her for not a bad price.
    I also got Kirsten. Well!, when I was briushing out her makeshift braids I discovered she had her hair chopped in a few places.
    I called American Girl and they said I can get her a new head for $44.00. Plus shipping.
    I think I will since she is a retired Historical Doll.
    I will let you all know what happens when I decide to send her to the American Girl Hospital.
    Has anyone ever sent a doll to the hospital?

    Thanks All

  11. AllieGirlAG says:

    Oh Yeah
    I do not think Felicity and Saige look alike.
    Different hair color and length, different eye color, different eyebrows, Felicity does not have freckles.
    Also Felicity’s eyes are a very gorgeous green.

  12. kananirulz says:

    downy dunk
    or if it’s just tangled just brush it until it’s not tangled. just don’t pull too hard…

  13. Char did you get my sunday showcase picture??

  14. Skippysmom says:

    I think both dolls are beautiful and I’d be lucky to have either one. I love the little curls along Felicity’s face and I like the color of Saige’s hair. I am glad they are friends since I like horses, too!!

  15. I don’t know if it’s the light or something, but Felicity’s eyes are glowing green. She looks gorgeous, especially in the last picture.

  16. WOW you take such good care of them! I bought my Felicity used and you can’t compare! I didnt even consider Saige because they’re so alike. Wonderful pics and dolls! You do a great job Char!

  17. How on Earth do people find AG dolls at places like Goodwill and antique stores? I go to Goodwill and Salvation Army all the time and the only thing I’ve ever found for AG dolls was a broken Our Generation scooter… -_-
    If I were to ever find an AG doll at Goodwill, I’d grab her, run to the cashier, love her, pet her, and name her George.

  18. StoryTeller says:

    Venus– I’ve been wondering that, too! I’ve never had any luck finding AG dolls at thrift stores, though I have seen some pretty beat-up OG stuff. Sigh.

    On another subject, McKenna and I just want to say…
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!! : D *

    *No offense to any Falcons fans, of course. We love you guys! : )

  19. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Venus, love the Cyberchase reference

  20. I havent ever been to a thrift store or goodwill but there are three near where i live.

  21. I looooove the thrift store, I have a beautiful dresser for 20 and a doll high chair for 2, but I go at least 3 times a week because the thrift store is very close.This store has a lne outside sometimes when the store opens but I notice this year the prices seem to have gone up.

  22. 1:why George?? 2: Char did you post the sunday showcase yet???

  23. Go packers!!!!

  24. I am working on Sunday Showcase now

  25. We got our first AG dolls in 2004

  26. ok thanks char I got my first doll in 2011

  27. My mom gave me the last Christmas present today it was part of McKennas collection and it was on backorder. I got Cooper the dog!! I love him he came on friday.

  28. Awesome maddie!

  29. So did I bailey

  30. Wow. They don’t look anything alike. That last picture is stunning. I think I will be on the hunt for a NIB Felicity..
    @AllieGirlAG–ONLY $44?!?! WOW. I need to send my Lanie doll in…some little girl ranked a brush in her hair. (AKA me, sorry lanie!!)
    Now I know how to care for curly hair, so I need Lanie to get a new head. Thanks a bunch.

  31. Baily- It’s from an old cartoon I used to watch.

  32. StoryTeller says:

    Delaney– Does the AG doll hospital have replacement heads for retired dolls? I’ve been wondering that for a while now, just in case something ever happens to one of my dolls (4 of 5 of which are now archived).

  33. I was wondering who I should get first, Saige or Caroline? They both are gorgeous, but I cant decide!

  34. AllieGirlAG says:

    Hi Delaney –
    They told me yesterday that the retired dolls heads can be replaced.
    I thought that you couldn’t replace them either.
    So for $44.00 plus shipping, its almost $20.00 for me because I’m in Canada, you can have a fresh new head. LOL
    Also if their limbs are loose, you can replace them for $30.00ish dollars.
    Each doll is separate shipping.
    Kirsten is so cute she reminds me of Nellie off little House on the Praire.
    Hope that helps.

  35. AllieGirlAG says:

    Sorry that last message should have been for Storyteller.
    Well its to whoever was wondering.

    Char hope your children did well and had fun at their swim meet.
    Did they see the retired AG girl Chrissa there? LOL

  36. We are at the meet now. They watched the Chrissa movie in the car on the way.

  37. StoryTeller says:

    Thank you! That’s a relief– not that I plan on anything happening to one of my dolls, but it is nice to know that it can be done. : )
    Do you know if they can tighten limbs without replacing the entire body? My Kaya’s legs are really loose, so I’ve thought of getting her a new body, but I’ve also thought of getting her a new head because I trimmed her hair. But if I get her a new head and body, that’s technically an entire new doll, and there wouldn’t be any piece of my childhood Kaya left at that point. Maybe I’m just weirdly sentimental, but I’d like at least PART of her to still be my Kaya, not just a replacement.

  38. Christina says:

    Saige and Felicity do have the same face mold, they are both Classic Face Mold dolls. Mattel versions of the mold differ from pre-Mattel versions in that the lips and cheeks are more brightly painted. It is really surprising, however, how slight differences, such as eye colour and freckles, can make the same face look so different! I work at AG and am constantly impressed with how different the dolls look! I originally didn’t want to get Saige because so many of the dolls I own have the Classic Mold but when I saw her in person, she looked like none of my other dolls, not even Felicity!!! I was at work today where a mother was trying to deter her daughter from being enamored by Saige by saying, “Oh, she is just like Felicity.” The daughter said, “No, Mom, Felicity didn’t have freckles, curly hair, or blue eyes. They look nothing alike!” Lol!

  39. @StoryTeller When you fill out the form to send the doll to the hospital, they specifically ask you whether you want to replace the limbs, retighten the limbs, replace the head, etc.
    Therefore, if you specify that you want your doll’s limbs retightened ONLY, then that is all that they will do. They won’t replace the limbs with new ones unless you specify that you want new limbs.

  40. StoryTeller says:

    Venus– Thank you! Yay, Kaya might actually be able to stand on her own now… at some point when I get around to sending her in… : )

  41. @StoryTeller No problem, my friend. 😉

  42. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Saige and Felicity are the prettiest dolls made by American Girl. I have Saige’s exact hair colour and curls. I love her for that reason. My Saige should arrive any day now!

  43. Can you do one of saige and emily? I want to see a photo of them side by side before deciding if i will purchase saige

  44. Grace – we posted a few photos of Saige and Emily on our instagram account – I will take more this week.

  45. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I was one of the ones who requested the side by side comparison. I have had Felicity since I was 14. Back when they were still all Plesant Company. I was just curious how close the two were. I am definetly getting Saige. <3

  46. Angelica :) says:

    Hiya I’m wondering if you can do a comparison with some other dolls :) I love comparisons!!


  47. Amanda :D says:

    Amanda E. My last name starts with an E so we are both Amanda E! Cool!

  48. theylookthe same but one has green eyes and saige has blue eyes.I NEED SAIGE

  49. I have Felicity and Elizabeth they’re my favorite dolls of all time I have Saige too she’s amazing.