Karen here an I have been having fun playing with my American Girl Doll Ruthie’s hair. I wanted a Regal Hair Style for this very Regal Doll Dress my friend Carol sent me and I think I found a fun and easy way to create the perfect regal hair style!

To do this for your own dolls you will need:

  • A doll with medium length hair
  • 14 inches of elastic or a doll sized elastic hairband
  • A Doll Safe Hair brush

Step 1- Carefully brush out your dolls hair. Cut 14 inches of elastic from your spool and tie a knot in the ends as shown in the photo above and place the elastic over the “crown” of your dolls head.

Step 2- Section out about 1 inch thick of your dolls hair and twist it as shown in the photo above, then bring that twisted hair to the back of your dolls head and place it under the elastic as shown.

Step 3- On the other side of your dolls head repeat step 2.

Step 4- Take another 1 inch thick piece of hair on each side and repeat step 2, carefully tucking the rolled hair into place.

Step 5- Take the remaining hair and roll it up into the elastic, tucking the hair in as you go.

I hope you have fun trying this with your own dolls and maybe even your own hair!