Rumors of Next American Girl Historical Doll

Rumor has it that the next American Girl Historical character will be Rebecca, a Jewish girl from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Since that time period is very close to the one for Samantha, I wonder if the release of this new doll is the reason for Samantha’s archiving.

No word yet on a release date, author for her books or any other details. Again, this is just rumor (one that may have been substantiated though). Stay tuned for more. Or better yet, if you know anything, leave a comment.

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  1. Also, I’m NOT the Claire on the Chrissa post… she’s prob. new!!

  2. heyyyyy

  3. selena,
    my real name is bella!!!!!!!!!! and i swear that my brother’s name is tyler( the kid who almost ran bella over) and his middle name is edward!!!!!! its freaky how that worked out. and also how you said your prettyprincess247. is that on youtube, on webkinz or what. well nice talkin(or typin) to you.

  4. if i got the sea otter then i would name it otter. cause i have an otter i named otter that i got on May 10th, 1998. a day after i was born!!!!! (also mother’s day!) so i love otters nowa. and i know this sounds weird but i still sleep with otter!!!!!!!!

  5. is anyone here because i fell like a chatter box now and it looks like im talkin to myself!

  6. Oh coolio!! That’s SOOOO funny how ur names worked out!! i’ll write more l8r!! ttyl g2g

  7. i look exactly like chrissa! except i have glasses.

  8. same here i look like chrissa but sadly i’d run into a pole if i didn’t have glasses once i did run into a wall. like when they asked me 20 questions I only got about10 right

  9. she sounds cute! any pix yet?

  10. is there really going 2 b a rebecca doll? merry c-mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. that is so cool i really wanted a jewish doll cause im 1/2! that would be so cool! really it would she sounds really cute! and pretty!

  12. I’d like there to be an Asia girl! Not just a friend but a real stary line to go with it. I like the African American, Harlem story… I’d also like to possibly see a gypsy story in a possible positive light ( like Ezmerelda). I definitely think they need to expand on the nationalities..

    Wish they’d make it all here instead of China but that would effect their profit margin. Not so “American” though. I wonder what kind of factories have been hired to make all our stuff. Hopefully Fair Trade and Human Rights ones…

  13. hi ppl! my names abby and i JUST went to the american girl place!! i got Kaya and Addy. i was gonna get samantha but she was gone!! now, i have Kaya, Addy, and Ivy.

    talk to me!! i want a new doll!! who should i get!!??

  14. hey its me Abby again! i had a great christmas and i cant wait for the new year!
    i dont really have any info on the new historical character. the only thing ive found was somthing about a jewish girl named Rebecca. and guess what??? sad news!! ive been hearing that Kaya, Addy, and Kristen are retiring! ive heard not enough people are buying those three dolls! plz buy them! save them! i wanna get Kristen before she leaves! im lucky to already have Kaya and Addy. I really hope this is not true!! its sad enough to see samantha and mia leaving american girl!!
    ive also heard Samantha, Kristen and Molly were the first american girls made. the Plesent company first made the dolls. i have not heard anything about Molly retiring. Molly might go because she was one of the first dolls made! i dont want Molly to go either!! my mom loves Molly!! if she leaves that would be sad. also, do any of ur moms have american girls? my mom has julie!! she loves her too!

    also in my other letter, i metioned i wanted another doll. i sort of want josfina. and if u commet dont say Julie or Mia!!

  15. hi me for like the fourth time! sorry to keep talking but thats what girls do!! all day! everywere! anytime! any… whatever!! now back to AG.

    Q: how many of you treat ur AGs like thre ur kids?

    A: i know one thing for sure, i take my doll everywere and treat her like roalty!

    P.S. COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My name is Abigail Lynn. i wont say my last name cause its long!!

  17. If I were AG, I’d stick with the “original” historical dolls…they have a great lesson…

  18. Hey people! I’m Kathryn and have been reading this site! Totally awesome! I have 4 dolls:
    Kaya (I’m going to rename her and change her look but haven’t yet)
    Josefina whom i named Laila
    Natasha (JLY Dark skin, brown curly hair)
    Emily (JLY light skin blond curly hair)
    I have so may questions! What will Rebecca look like (If their is one)? What will the other dolls be? I totaly love the one about the rockstar girl and the Louisiana girl. I totally agree w/ whoever said that they need to extend the races. There is no girl from India, SouthAmerica, Indonessia ! Ugh! There are so many dolls they haven’t made! There is no girl from the Gold Rush, The Dust Bowl, Louisiana Purchase, Alamo, the list just goes on and on! I don’t get why Chrissa is gonna have two friends! This is a total first for AG. I was thinking about writing a letter to AG giving them a list of historical happenings just to give them some ideas. Plus, i would include the racial, herritage, and religion prob. I personally am kinda iffy on the Sam subject. Its good that she is going because this insures that there will be new historical dolls. But its bad cause we all love her.
    Can’t wait to talk more!
    KK (my nickname)
    P.S. What is gonna be in Chrissa’s collection. Plus, how do you say Chrissa’s name? Is it Chris-a or Cah-riss-a?


  20. whoever can’t see twilight, they don’t talk about the s– word until the 3rd book (briefly) and in the 4th book. justsaying.

  21. have any of you seen the new pics of the future catalog? all the pets are adorable! some of Chrissa’s stuff is kind of cute. i have to get her swim team set! sooooooooo

  22. Hi, i was reading over what everyone said and i really hope that they dont retire kaya, addy, and kirsten. My cousin has samantha, nellie and kaya, and she was sad they retired samantha and nellie, but she will be even sader if they retire kaya too. And i want kirsten, she will probably be the next american girl doll i will get. I already have samantha and nellie and i cried when i heard they were retiring them. (because at the time i didnt have nellie and i really wanted her, but i got her and all of her outfits for christmas 😀 I do agree with introducing new dolls, but i want them to keep the old dolls, at least the first three samantha, kirsten, and molly. I don’t like how mattel took over pleasant company they reunded everything. i still love american girl doll but mattel is ruining it. :( When I first got Samantha in 1999. They had Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly. And they had school desks and accessories, winter accessories, summer accessories, and all these cool little accersories for all of them. And they were so cute and then they discontinued them, except some desks. Now they just have outfits and some accessories, and they used to have so many cute accessories. If you look it up on ebay or google pictures you’ll probably find what all the accessories looked like. (mabye type in “pre-mattel american girl) and you might find some stuff. And I didn’t collect all of that for samantha but i got some of it and i have a lot of her retired stuff. And i hope they make a japanese doll and other dolls of different races. I do want to know what rebecca looks like if they are really coming out with her. Does anyone know when they are going to come out with her?

  23. sorry about the long comment above, but i was talking about pre-mattel stuff for the dolls. and i found this cool website that shows all of the outfits and stuff and the accessories that are retired for each historical doll. It is really cool, here it is

  24. I think a doll named rebecca would be awesome! lol Rebecca is a great name,, i also think she should have a tractor (red one in particular) i would be amazing because no one has a tractor yet!!

  25. i just had a total freak out no more samantha or nellie stuff left at all or its back ordered =( i hate what there doing to the company stupid mattel

  26. The tractor thing sounds adorable! but I thought she was jewish not a farmer!(cute idea though!) i am wondering does mattel make girl tech? if so i hate how they are trying to REALLY merge the companies. i have a question. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LICORICE CAT? >l i am totally mad. I am thinking about getting one of the chinese dolls (either Ivy or the jly) i already have 2 jly’s so it might be better to get ivy (you can see what dolls i have above) what should i do? rock on jenn! Mattel sucks! they are bieng sooooooooo mean.
    ttyl kk

  27. if you go on Chrissa’s wallpaper, instead of saying “Chissa’s Adventures” it says “Mia’s Advetures”

  28. I would love that doll. The reason is because i am Jewish, and because my middle name is Rebekkah. I would totally love that doll….

  29. does anyone have any idea what the goty 2010 is going to be?

  30. hey

  31. think about it…. Jewish… Late 1800’s…. Of course it’s ellis island

  32. i bet you are right. But then isn’t that Kirsten’s story? I never read it. I mean i know she isn’t Jewish but doesn’t she come though ellis island?

  33. I just went to the american girl place in botson. OMG! It is so cute! I have to say that even though i’m a teeen i still love dolls! All of their little things are so adorable. I bought chissa’s llama and named it Nala. So Cute! It may be small but i love seeing all the little girls with their dolls!

  34. if the do make rebecca i think she should have curly brown har and brown eyes with a purple and blue dress also i just got chrissa she is beutifull nellie is my fav. though!!!!!!wow im writing alot l-o-l

  35. news flash: rebbecas friend Is named ana! and i read on another website and they said that her story is somewhat like anne frank cool huh?

  36. what website? i read that Rebecca may be Tasha. but who knows.

  37. hmmmm sorry im not sure maybe boxxet wait ummm ugh i cant remember!!!!

  38. here is my order of dolls:

    #1 crystal ( JLY)
    #2 felicity
    #3 nellie
    #4 julie
    #5 chrissa

  39. tahts ok

  40. cool i cannot wait 4 her to come out this spring right? p.s.HAPPY V-DAY!!!

  41. ya, I herd she was coming. she is suposed to be blond i herd

  42. American Girl still gets a boo from me for retiring Samantha. Now my cousin is refusing to buy from them. She had already stopped buying before, but now that just adds to her list of reasons. I’m still buying to finish off our collection, but when I finish it off, I’m basically done, and won’t need to buy from them anymore. It’s probably still gonna be a year or so before I finally finish it off. – No luck on getting retired items, but I recently found a seamstress on eBay who is willing to make some similar to the originals, so I’ll have to live with that. Yes Lindsey was Jewish. The only Girl of the Year dolls I was ever interested in was Marisol and now Chrissa. – Mia had a little bit of interest but not much. I’m still debating on whether or not I should buy Chrissa for our collection or not. Anyways for news and updates you should consider getting an account at ag playthings. Yes someone updated in there she is Jewish, her family is from Russia, and they go to Ellis Island with their friend Ana. Ana struggles with school and Rebbecca helps her. – Basically the Rebbecca stories are similar to the Samantha ones except with different cultures and locations.

  43. i went on agplaythings! it was so cool! i loved looking at the ag today stuff from the 90’s! that silver skiing outfit was way cool and ugly! i can’t wait till they release her!

  44. Rebecca’s books are out on