Rumors and Scoops and Leaks – Oh My!

before you post - think I have had quite a few emails lately about rumors, scoop and product leaks – as in people sending me information that has not been released by the company yet AND people asking me why I didn’t post it.

Here’s why.

With regards to the photos that are all over Instagram, YouTube and some doll blogs of the alleged prototype of a new American Girl historical doll, I am not posting the photos. You have already seen them. They are CLEARLY marked with a copyright and were clearly posted on a website that did not have permission to share them. 

When I think about all the Instagram drama between girls getting all upset that someone else posted their photo without permission I just have to ask, why is it okay to post photos clearly copyrighted from AG (that were illegally leaked) but it is not okay to post photos taken from another user – watermarked or not?

Do you see the double standard? Not to mention that American Girl has a pretty sharp legal team that I prefer not to be on the wrong side of.

Will I continue to share rumors & scoop?

Of course I will – but only if I can substantiate them with a credible, public source – example – book summaries showing up on Amazon. Or if a company gives me explicit permission to be the first to share their photos, information and upcoming products. A Girl for All Time recently did this – they emailed me with the press release and photos of their new doll to share with our readers. The Queen’s Treasures gave me permission to be the first one to share the information and prototype photos of some of their new products.  Hearts 4 Hearts Girls and Tonner Toys allowed me to take photos of their dolls that were still considered to be prototypes, too.

Before I took a single photo at Toy Fair, I took a moment to ask each merchant an important question – “May I take a photo of this and share it with my readers?”  Some things I could take photos of and share, some I couldn’t. That’s okay. We will all see it eventually.

We all love to be let in on a secret – it’s fun and exciting – but, you also have to understand that just because you heard it, saw it or discovered it, it is not always fair game to share it.  The graphic needs another letter – but that would not make a word anymore – P for permission!

PS – I found that image on Pinterest, however, it is very difficult to identify it’s original source.  If you are the original source, please let me know so I can credit you.

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  1. rebecca says:

    The pictures are on google images under AG prototype historical doll and on AG’s own face book page at this point in time. Hilarious that they are chasing down the photos while they’be been sitting on the FB page for the past several days.

  2. Lena says:

    I’m guessing they reported the to Facebook on copyright, which always takes a few days. However, once Facebook confirms, any additional versions posted to FB unsless by AG will be removed.

  3. Venus says:

    And if AG did remove that pic from their FB, it’s gonna take a while for it to disappear from Google’s search results, too.
    I know this because I made a post (not related to AG) on my Tumblr and then deleted it a few weeks later, but the link to the post and the image I used stayed on Google for quite a while.

  4. LAH says:

    It’ll be really disappointed when people discover that the doll turns out to be nothing like the prototype…see that’s why you don’t post pictures that aren’t from AG and spread it…

    Though I’m guilty, you have a point.