Duck tape is so fun to work with and I am continually amazed with what amazing things you can make with it-especially for dolls!  This summer some neighbor girls taught me how to make Duck Tape rose rings.  I really loved the technique and knew I wanted to think of a fun way to incorporate that Duck Tape rose into a doll size project!  So with fashion week they found themselves on a doll size headband!

Another fun aspect to these roses is that they look so unique depending on what pattern or color of Duck Tape you use!

You can mix and match patterns or keep it simple with a solid color for the petals and a different color for the leaves!  The way each flower comes out different really makes it fun to experiment and make a few different variations!


  • 2 colors of Duck Tape
  • scissors
  • thin elastic chord

This little rose is built off of triangles.  Depending on the size of tape you start with will change the overall size of the rose.

Cut a 3/4″ piece of tape off the roll.  Cut the piece in half.  Each little rectangle will be folded into one petal.

Lay out the rectangle and fold in one corner so there is still a tape border on two sides.

Pull in the corner on the right, cross it over and line up as pictured.  There will still be a tab of tape left uncovered.

Make 8 more petals.

Overlap the corner of each petal to make a line of petals.

Start on one end and roll up the petal line.  Don’t roll too tight.  Pinch the base as you go to help it stick together.

When you are done all of the points on the triangles will point in the same direction looking like a closed flower.

Bend back the petals to open up the flower and make it flatter.  That will make it a better shape to put on a headband.

For the leaves use a different color and fold 2-3 petal shapes per flower.

With a crease in the middle, bend the triangle into the leaf shape.

Position the leaves and press the adhesive together at the base of the flower.  The base comes to a point.  To reduce bulk, cut off the tip of the base.  Press the flower flat.

We are going to braid a band to place the flowers on.  We need 3 strips of duck tape.  Measure across the top of your dolls head to decide how long you want to make the braided section.  We will use elastic to make up the difference.  Cut a length of Duck Tape a little longer than the length you measured for the head.  Lay the Duck Tape out and fold in an edge as small as you can.  To make it easier to fold an even line, fold in the edge at either end.  Then press the tape between the two points to the end of the strip.

With the scissors make a small cut parallel to the tape you folded over.  Cut just far enough from the folded section that there will be a tiny strip to fold over.  With a hand on either side of the cut, pull one side towards yourself and the other side away from yourself.  it should easily separate.  Fold over any extra tape.

Make a total of three strips that are the same length.

Attach the three strips together at one end with a small piece of Duck Tape.

Braid the three strips together.  Place a piece of tape at the finished end and trim off the uneven strips.

Place the roses on the headband.  Smash them flat and place a piece of tape across the braided band and the flowers on the back.  Hold the headband up to the doll’s head and decide how much elastic you need to make up the difference.  Remember the elastic will stretch so you will need less to make up the difference.  Cut the elastic and attach it to either end with a strip of tape around each end.  Press the adhesive over the elastic to get a good hold.

Try it on your doll’s head.  If it is too loose then cut the elastic shorter and reattach it with tape.

On a cautionary note: I would not leave this headband in your doll’s hair for an extended period of time.  Just to be careful and protect you doll’s hair remove and store the headband after you use it.  I had no problems whatsoever with my headband.  Just keep this in mind to keep your dolls hair in great shape!

I decided to add two roses to this little headband.  You can keep it simple and sweet with just one or make them all across the top to make a bold statement!  That’s what fashion week is about-playing with fashion and adding your own twist to create something unique!!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Saige is GOTY 2013
  • Outfit-Made by Anna

Get creative with fashion!!