I couldn’t wait any longer and was really afraid that the Theater Seats would be one of the items that sold out first this year, so I went ahead and got them. For the price ($40), the Velvet Theater seats have got to be one of the best values from AmericanGirl.com!


www.dolldiaries.com Theater Seats


The box they arrived in was huge and very well packed. When I pulled them out of the box my daughter gasped. She had no idea I had ordered them and I made it very clear that the Theater Seats belong to me. They are very heavy and well made.

The seats themselves are a beautiful shade of deep red and the velvet is very nice. The seats fold down when a doll sits on them and fold back up when she gets back up. Love it. It also came with doll popcorn, licorice ropes, two paper tickets and Molly and Emily trivia cards.

We don’t have Molly or Emily, but Marisol and Kit are reading to watch their friends take to the screen on Sunday!

I give this product an A+. It is a must have.