Our friends at The Queen’s Treasures are known for their very high quality, high play value sets for dolls. They recently sent us their Farm Stand for dolls to review and we had so much fun setting this one up!


We have a few really great farmers’ markets in our area and it is always great to support local, small businesses and get super fresh, oh-so-healthy veggies and fruit for the week. The Queen’s Treasures Farm Stand is similar to their Shoppe set which is also very versatile. The Farm Stand has detachable signs and awning so you can really customize your play time.

Lea is modeling the Farm Fresh Jean Outfit and is ready for the Farm Stand to open for business for the day. Alex is wearing an outfit from Bonnie & Pearl.

The Queen's Treasures Farmstand

The Farm Stand consists of quite a few pieces you can buy in sets and separately so you can really give your Farm Stand that personal touch. The signs set comes with two blank signs that can be written on with chalk or chalkboard markers. Just a quick wipe off with a damp paper towel and Lea can change Fresh Corn to Fresh Berries in a snap.


The crates can be rearranged in a variety of ways to showcase the different fruits and veggies your dolls have for sale on any given day. It looks like Lea is selling corn, pears, strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli today.


The set comes complete with a reusable canvas shopping bag which Alex has filled with corn and other veggies.


The fruits and veggies are sold separately as are the baskets, which means you can take Items you may already have, or make your own, then pick and choose from The Queen’s Treasures sets to maximize your playtime fun. The Queen’s Treasures fruits and veggies – like the other items in their doll food collection – are solid – they are made of a material much like a resin that will hold up to hours of play and have realistic details, too.


Lea waves to everyone who is passing by the farmstand today.


Alex picks out more corn on the cob. These ears of corn are so cute. The ear of corn itself is solid – like everything else, but the husk is made of tissue like paper so you can pretend to shuck the corn. They really think of everything! (and yes, those are my fingers holding the corn in Alex’s hand ;-))

The Queen's Treasures Farmstand

When it comes to high-quality play sets and doll furniture, The Queen’s Treasures always does such a great job of making their items realistic and affordable! This is definitely one of my new favorite sets.

We would like to thank The Queen’s Treasures for sending us this set to review. All opinions of this set are my own!