This is a guest post by JGKelsey.

One of the best things about the Our Generation brand is the volume of products that they release. It seems like every couple of months there are new items on the shelves of my local Target. The newest item that I discovered is an accessory pack named “Under the Microscope”.

Retailing for around $7, the pack comes with four main pieces: a microscope, a pair of safety glasses, a set of three test tubes, and an Erlenmeyer flask.

Our Generation Microscope Set

Gabby is trying out the microscope. She turns the light on the slide table of the microscope, illuminating the items she is studying. Turning the knob on the side, the eyepiece and tube move up and down, helping bring things into focus. Gabby is excited to study the microscopic world. She writes a note on what she sees as she looks through the eyepiece.

Our Generation Microscope Set

With her safety glasses on, Lillian mixes water and glucose in her Erlenmeyer flask. She measures out a solution of water and sodium hydroxide in a test tube. As she adds this to the Erlenmeyer flask, the solution turns blue.

“Gabby look at this!”

“Wow. That is awesome!” Gabby responds.


Gabby and Lillian go back to their studies. Lillian mixing solutions together and Gabby discovering the microscopic world.

How’s the set?

Although small, this set is really neat. The microscope has an LED light that provides light for items on the slide table. If you look through the eyepiece you can actually see through the microscope. Use the knob on the side to bring things into focus. It’s not an amazing microscope, but it does work!

The safety glasses are simple, but nice. They are larger than most Our Generation sunglasses, which is perfect size for safety glasses. Love them…but it would be awesome to get those good old safety goggles!

How cool are the test tubes and the Erlenmeyer flask? There are three test tubes with different colored solutions: pink, purple, and yellow. The little tubes have rubber stoppers on the tops to make sure they don’t spill (don’t worry the liquid is painted on). To make sure that the tubes don’t roll away there is a great test tube holder. The Erlenmeyer flask’s liquid is not painted on the side of the flask; instead it is another piece of dyed plastic inside the flask.

Our Generation Microscope Set

This is a really cool set, especially for the price! Unlike the American Girl set it does not have an apron, a science book or the little slides. You can make your own science book by following this tutorial done by Karen (How to make your own doll sized books.

If you see this set at Target, pick it up.