Our friend – and soon to be regular contributor to Doll Diares – JGKelsey, has another review for us today. This one is on Our Generation’s “Bake Me Cupcakes Kit.” You can find Our Generation items at your local Target store.


American Girl, Our Generation, The Queen’s Treasures, Sophia’s and more all have a baking set.  In some cases there are multiple baking sets from the same company.  Our Generation has released another baking set, but unlike Our Generation sets released before, this set is a small accessory set, rather than a full accessory set.  It contains a small blue mixing bowl, a “glass” measuring cup, 4 measuring spoons on a ring, a whisk, a cupcake cookbook, a decorating bag, a cupcake pan, and 4 colorful cupcakes.

Annie loves baking and has decided to try this new set out.  Although it’s a small set it has all of the tools she needs to make some great cupcakes.  She grabs all the ingredients that she needs; eggs, oil, water, flour, sugar, baking soda, vanilla, and a pinch of salt.  Annie opens her cookbook to the correct page, adding sugar to her mix as she reads the recipe.

Our Generation Bake Me Cupcakes Set

She measures out the flour in her measuring cup, then adds the vanilla with her biggest measuring spoon.  After adding all the other ingredients she whisks everything together before pouring it into her cupcake pan and putting the pan in the oven.

Our Generation Bake Me Cupcakes Set

Annie waits for what seems like forever until finally the timer buzzes and it’s time to take out her cupcakes.  She sets them on the counter, lets them cool, and then uses her decorating bag to frost her cupcakes.

Our Generation Bake Me Cupcakes Set

How’s the set?

If you already have an Our Generation baking set, you probably don’t need this set.  There really isn’t anything unique in this set compared to Our Generation’s set from last year.  If you have Grace’s Baking set, this would be a great addition to that set.

The mixing bowl is small compared to the one included in Grace’s set, but it’s a prefect size for this set of 4 cupcakes.  The cupcakes are brightly colored and have glitter on them.  They are super cute, and a wonderful addition to your baking collection.

Grace’s set comes with some great stackable measuring cups.  The one that comes with this set is more like a Pyrex measuring cup.  I love that it has the measuring marks on the side of it.   Other Our Generation sets have had measuring spoons, but the ones that come with this set are wonderful colors that are super fun.  The whisk is nicely made and fits well in Annie’s hand.  The pastry/decorating bag is made of fabric and has a plastic tip.  It’s a great tool to have to pretend frost your dolls cupcakes, cookies, and cakes.

Our Generation Bake Me Cupcakes Set

Finally, the Our Generation set goes old school with a cookbook compared to the tablet that comes with Grace’s set (yes…Grace’s set also has a cookbook).  It would be awesome if the cookbook had printed pages (similar to Grace’s), but that is a minor issue that doesn’t take away from the value of this set.

Our Generation Bake Me Cupcakes Set

This is a great small baking set for those that may need a few more cupcakes or baking utensils for their dolls collection.  It doesn’t really have anything unique to it, but it is cute and is a great price.

What do you think?  Is it worth picking up?  Do any of you have the set?