Queens Treasures utensil set review

I was so excited to share with you my review of The Queen’s Treasures Colonial Utensil Set.  I am so impressed!   This 13 piece Colonial Utensil Set can be found here:  http://www.thequeenstreasures.com/18-inch-doll-accessories/colonial-utensil-set-fits-18-inch-dolls.html

Queens Treasures Utensil tray

One of the first things I noticed about this set was the beautiful tray that the forks, spoons, and knives come in.  The tray has a mahogany finish.  I immediately thought of the mahogany box of silverware by grandmother had.  You knew when she got that out that the party was about to get REAL.  Haha.

First, please let me explain myself…I will call set this a silverware set.  When I think of utensils I think of ladles and spatulas.  Utensils, silverware, flatware, and cutlery are often interchangeable terms. Now I will further explain that this set is not true silver…BUT…it looks it!  This set is made of very good quality metal with a bright silver finish.

queens treasures silverware set

I just love the shape and finish of this set!  The knife has a beveled edge to have the appearance of being a sharp edge, which it is not.  The tray measures 4″L X 2 1/2″W x 3/4″H. The knife is 3 1/4″L. The fork and spoon are 2 3/4″L.  Each piece is very sturdy.

QT verses AG silverware

Here you can see a comparison of American Girl’s spoon and fork with that of The Queen’s Treasures.  I did not have an American Girl knife available.  Hands down the QT’s set blows AGs out of the park.  I always felt American Girls forks and spoons were too big.  On this particular set, AGs finish is matte and of a very simple shape compared to the upscale version of the QT’s sleek design and shiny finish.  Plus, you can’t buy just a set of silverware from AG; the only way to get any silverware is by buying some type of food set.  I’m really pleased the QT is offering their Colonial Utensil Set to be purchased as a standalone item.

Qt fork in doll hand

Here you can see that the QT fork fits proportionately in an 18 inch doll’s hand.

QT spoon fork knife

Here you can see that the QT utensil set fits proportionately next to a doll dish set.

QT utensil tray in sideboard

Well look how nice the tray sits in the dining room buffet that I made!  This drawer was made from a mini crate at Michaels.  For more info on the buffet see here:  http://dolldiaries.com/how-to-make-a-dollhouse-credenza/.

Queens treasures silverware for easter

I sincerely feel that this set is a must for setting the scene on any doll dining or kitchen table.  This is a big win for child and adult doll lovers alike.  I was so impressed with the set that I was sent to review that I personally ordered a second set so I could have a set for each of the six seats around the doll dining table.

For more information on the dishes and food pictured, please see here:  http://brandyshappyhome.com/miranda-dish-sets-for-your-dolls/