One of the things I really enjoy about running Doll Diaries is being able to share different products from a variety of companies with you. The Queen’s Treasures sent me the Wooden Doll Storage Trunk with a built in Vanity to review and like every other piece of their doll furniture I have reviewed, this piece is top-notch!

The Queens Treasures Doll Storage Trunk with Vanity

First, let’s introduce our model today. This is Galina, an 18″ articulated (she can bend her wrists, elbows and knees), slim body doll from the Kidz ‘n Cats line by Sonja Hartmann and being sold in the US by Madame Alexander. She is wearing the Private School dress by Carpatina and Chrissa’s shoes. Galina is standing next to The Queen’s Treasures Wooden Storage Trunk for dolls in it’s closed position. The trunk is very sturdy as are the handles and the closures.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Storage Trunk

This particular trunk is special in the sense that not only does is provide great storage, it has play value, too. When you open the trunk there are two hanging rods, 4 wooden hangers, two drawers, a removable vanity top, a vanity stool and a mirror. You can remove the vanity desktop to make room to store two dolls (up to 20″ tall) side by side or leave it there and slide the vanity seat in underneath. Galina was so excited to see her clothes already hanging in the trunk and her ballet gear in there too.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Trunk with Vanity

Here you can get a better view of the vanity table and the storage compartments inside the trunk. The trunk is a nice shade of deep brown and is definitely furniture quality which means it can actually be used as a display piece as well, depending on your space. The only change I would make, and it really applies to about every doll trunk I have seen, is that I wish there was a little toggle or something to keep the drawers from sliding out when you place the trunk on its side.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Trunk with Vanity

Galina is now ready to brush her hair or put on some lip gloss before she gets ready for ballet class.

The Wooden Storage Trunk with the Vanity is about $100 at The Queen’s Treasures but watch their Facebook page because they do offer discount codes and there is always an exclusive 15% off coupon for Doll Diaries readers with the code DD15%OFF. This piece is an investment and would be good for a special birthday or holiday, but if cared for it will last for years to come and be an heirloom piece worthy of handing down through the years.