reusable valentines crafts for dolls

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only day where you show your dolls some love! Here are some fun projects for reusable Valentine goodies for your dolls.

Reusable Felt Valentine Envelope with Fun Foam and Sticker Card

You will need:

Step 1 Measure your “envelope” out of felt making it 7 inches wide by 12 inches long, then cut out your felt.

reusable valentine crafts for dolls

Step 2–Β Β  Fold your felt so that you leave 1/2 inch. Add a line of glue to the inside edge and press closed or sew the sides shut.

reusable valentine crafts for dolls

Step 3– Measure a rectangle of 2 1/2 inches long by 1 3/4 inch wide, make sure it will fit inside your envelope

reusable valentine crafts for dolls

Step4 – Add your stickers and write a message on the fun foam.

Place inside your finished envelope and give to your doll!

*You can decorate the front of your doll’s envelope if you like, or leave it plain.

Valentine Treats for Dolls

Next using Fun Foam shapes and Fun Foam Valentine stickers you can create fun treats for your dolls with very little effort!

You will need:

  • Fun Foam Stickers in heart shapes in various colors
  • Valentine fun foam stickers in various sizes
  • Doll size plates

reusable valentine crafts for dolls

These fun valentine small heart stickers make perfect sugar cookies with no effort at all, simply arrange them on a doll size plate and enjoy.

reusable valentine crafts for dolls

To create this very easy Valentines Heart Cake simply layer the same size heart fun foam stickers on top of each other.

Step 1– Start with one heart on the bottom, I started with Red on the bottom

Step 2-Remove the backing from a white heart and place it on top of the red heart, carefully remove the sticker backing from one heart at a time. Your bottom heart should still have the backing on.

Step 3-Repeat with another red heart, then white and finish with red.

Step 4– Using smaller foam stickers create the “cake topper”

Place on a doll size plate and serve to your dolly guests.

I hope you have enjoyed these easy Valentine crafts for your dolls! I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week!