In looking at the history of wonderful play dolls brought to us by the Gotz Doll Company from Germany, I am always fascinated how my taste in dolls grows.  Gotz employed many artists to created limited editions as well as production dolls, the one artist that continues to produce face molds for Gotz is Hildegard Gunzel, who has sculpted the current face mold for Gotz.  Not long ago I discovered an old face mold that got my attention, and I am not the only one searching for these dolls.  They go for over $300 on eBay,  if they happen to show up.  So who is this mysterious doll?   Let’s take a look at this story…

Maria and Clara have found something in the doll room.  (Maria a Valentine dressed doll by Gotz and artist Sissel Skille, Clara also a Gotz doll by artist Sissel Skille).  These are both blondes but one has blue eyes and the other brown eyes.  Clara says Maria, look at what has just arrived.

Shh, said Clara, whisper please.  Maria gets close to whisper in Clara’s ear.  I saw two of our cousins, did you know they were coming?  Well no not really, but when I was exploring the other night I did see our brunette cousin, but I was too afraid to wake up the nice lady, she was asleep.  Let’s go talk to them.

As Maria and Clara approached the new cousins they said “Hi, who are you and how did you get here?”

Hi replied the brunette, my name is Winter, I come from a long family of special edition dolls created by the artist Sissel Skille.  I have spent most of my life in this box, I am told I am too special to be let out, but I was meant to be a play doll.  All those who have owned me are adults and are afraid to take me out.  Oh no!  said Clara, that is awful!  I too was created by the artist Sissel Skille but I have been in many little girls hands.  It has been fun but I was glad when the nice lady brought me home.  I got my hair styled and I now have a pretty dress.  So,  I guess we are cousins!

Maria, said hi to the redhead girl.  Hi back, my name is Mermaid said the red hair girl.   I just arrived from a very long journey.  My original owner lives in Germany and she had me for many years, until one day she had to let me go.  She never took me out of the box, even though I am supposed to be a play doll created by Sissel Skille.  One day I heard her say I was being sold to a nice lady in the USA, but I was just sent to another home in Germany.  After the holidays my trip finally started to the USA, but then the winter storm hit New York City and there I was left for two weeks, until I finally arrived yesterday.  Wow! said Maria, I too was created by Sissel Skille in Germany, but I was given to a little girl who took care of me, then one day the nice lady bought me.  She has taken very good care of me and my sister Clara.    Do you have legs? asked Maria.  Yes said the Mermaid, this is only a costume, I have legs and would love to leave this box.  Wait do you hear something?

The girls quickly turned and posed, they heard the nice lady coming with the camera.  This is the first time they have been reunited and are together finally.

A closer look from left to right:  Maria (blonde with brown eyes), Mermaid (redhead with blue eyes), Winter (brunette with blue eyes), Clara (blonde with blue eyes).  I have been very lucky to have had an opportunity to add these beautiful dolls into my collection and at a very reasonable price unlike what eBay dealers price them.   Thank you to my good friend Maxine, which found the Mermaid doll for me in Germany.

Maxine wearing the mermaid outfit from Madame Alexander could not resist in joining the new girls for a picture.  Maxine as I have named her is really a “Hannah walking the dog”  Gotz doll from around 2002, she no longer comes with blue eyes only brown.

Many folks confuse these two face molds since they were both part of the Gotz Play doll and Artist special collections, but they are really from two different artists.  Maxine (dressed in the mermaid costume) is from the artist Hildegard Gunzel, while the Mermaid in the light aqua costume is from Sissel Skille. There is a resemblance but a definite difference as well. They both do share the exact same body.

What wonderful dolls one face mold can make!

Fun Facts:
1. Back drop is from American Doll Rooms
2. It has taken lots of time and patience to be able to make this collection happen.
3. All these dolls are retired and no longer manufactured, but can be found on eBay and through the doll world contacts.   Expect to pay a high price for these dolls.