Rebecca has a treat for you today.  We are taking a closer look at her costume set and she’s modeling the dresses and accessories for you!

Rebeccas Costume Chest-2

Rebecca’s Costume Chest was available starting in 2009 and the trunk from the set was retired in 2015 from American Girl.  The rest of the set is still available from American Girl as Rebecca’s Costume Set.  Rebecca’s story takes place in the 1910’s so this set is designed with styles from that era.

Even though the trunk is not available through American Girl you can still come across it on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

The costume set still comes with clothing and accessories that you can mix and match for different looks.  Let’s take a closer look at the set.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-15

Rebecca’s Costume Chest (Now called Rebecca’s Costume Set)

  • trunk (Retired)
  • sleeveless turquoise dress
  • sparkly overskirt
  • knit shawl
  • ballet style shoes
  • turquoise headdress
  • pearl necklace
  • golden wings
  • satin gloves
  • mini magazine covers and photos

The only retired item from the set is the trunk, a red-brown color and made to look like it’s leather.  The details of the embossed faux leather, trim, handle and latch are lovely and well made.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-17

The trunk is lined with patterned paper on the inside.  There is a tray that can be removed for more storage.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-18

Here is the trunk with all of the items that come with the set.

The accessories are on the top tray.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-19

The clothing is in the bottom of the trunk.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-20

Now it is time for Rebecca to play a little dress up!  Rebecca imagines she is a movie star and has the wave to go with it!

Rebeccas Costume Chest-2

She is ready for an elegant scene or a walk on the red carpet with this fancy outfit!

Rebeccas Costume Chest-7

The details of the knit sweater, the gold trim on the dress and the string of pearls all add to the elegance.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-4

The long satin gloves have been adapted for dolls with stitching to represent separate fingers.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-6

Rebecca’s fancy dress may be designed after styles in the 1910’s but I think it has a elegant, timeless feel.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-3

Switch out a few pieces and accessories and Rebecca has a whole new look!

She added a sparkly overskirt to the dress, a fancy headdress and golden wings.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-5

The overskirt has specks of gold that shimmer and shine.  It has elastic in the back and just slips over the dress.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-9

The headdress has elastic in the back and slips right on her head like a crown.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-21

The wings attach with a clip that slips into a ribbon casing on the back of the dress.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-22

She must be comfortable among the trees with her golden wings!

Rebeccas Costume Chest-23

The bottom of the overskirt is scalloped.  Maybe Rebecca is the first Tinker Bell.  After all Peter Pan was written in 1904! 🙂

Rebeccas Costume Chest-8

The ballet style shoes go with both outfits.  The straps are elastic and I love the mini bows on the back.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-12

Maybe Rebecca is a fairy queen on the silver screen.

Rebeccas Costume Chest-14

The style of the headdress and wings really make this outfit feel like it’s from the 1910’s.  Do you like the vintage style?

Rebeccas Costume Chest-11

Of course you can mix and match the accessories and outfits to get any look you like.  I like how the set comes with a variety of pieces, it makes it more versatile and adds to the element of imagination and play!

What do you think of Rebecca’s Costume Set?  Do you like the 1910’s style of the clothing and accessories it comes with?