I love it when an outfit surprises me when taken out of the box.   The Our Generation collection had several items on sale but nothing online caught my attention.  I visited Target today and found new outfits had been delivered to the stores and they were on sale.   Let’s see what I found……

This outfit is called “The Pick of Glitter” and I can certainly understand why.  Saige immediately wanted to model it, her complexion, hair color and eyes really are a great match for the outfit.

Saige wanted to show off the dress without the shawl.  It fits very well, I love the flowers made out of the same dress material.  The dress is a bubble dress, that is where the hem folds over like a bubble, very stylish.

A closer look at the shawl, it is embroidered in silver thread.  The rose pattern is lovely and correlates with the roses on the dress and on the shoes.

The shoes have silver glitter and are decorated with a light peach jewel and a light peach strap.

The outfit also comes with a large purse which is very popular in today’s fashion. The bag also carries the same rose flower theme.

The head band brings all the elements of the outfit together: the silver band and the rose made of the same material as the dress. The peach rose color seems to be the new color in many of the young girl’s clothes.   As I walked through the girl’s section at Target, it was hard to miss this new color, a change to the many “pink” items they had last year.

Saige loves her new outfit, she is ready for the party at Isabelle’s house.