Ready for the Holidays – Mia

Doll Diaries reader Ellie is the first one to share her dolls in a holiday setting or display with us this year.

Join in the fun! Submit your dolls’ (American Girl, My Twinn, Build a Bear, Webkinz, Barbie, the works!) photos for our winter holiday parade. You can submit them by joining the Doll Diaries forum and posting your photos in the holiday displays thread, or you may email them to me at

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  1. FIRSTIE!!! wow cute pic!! heyyyyy 2day’s my bday! 13 WOOOT!!!!

  2. cute picture happy brithday join the teenager club lol

  3. Cute!

  4. Hey! I’m totally out of sync with the world for some reason lol. I am talking to Zoe on the phone right now and I am SO out of it, she says! But w/e I’m probably going to change my dolls into holiday attire after Thanksgiving, like Zo- Zo is. And BTW, Ellie, ADORABLE PICTURE!!!
    P.S. Has anyone every heard of the series The Clique? The girls are pretty nasty, but it sure is entertaining! :)

  5. I LUV THE CLIQUE- CANT WAIT 4 THE DVD <33333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yeah, I <3 it 2. i’m on number 6, dial L for loser

  7. the busytown caretaker says:

    ugh, can we please not talk about this The Clique on a doll site? looove the pic so coolio. my b-day for the big thirteen is coming in six days! so totally exited. already got a card with $25 bucks. i love it when my birthday comes and its all about me!

  8. queen of purpleness says:

    you guys are all (so far) older than me!!!! happy b-day alexandra!!!!!!! :)

  9. im gonna send in photos from christmas and maybe tommorrow im going to colorado for christmas so it will be snowy!

  10. Very cute winter picture – she looks all wrapped up and ready for action.


  12. my friend was in the parade with camp boradway :) and my sister was in a band. wow! it was intense lol

  13. going to grandmas for turkey day happy thanksgiving

  14. cool sienna

  15. my friend went 2 c the parade! ooo lukyyyyy it wouldve been sooo much fun if i couldve gone, 2!!!!

  16. queen of purpleness says:

    i saw the camp broadway on tv it was he one with kermit right???

  17. happy thanksgiving!

  18. does anyone know anything about chrissa being on oprah

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And Zo-Zo, I have a pretty good feeling that she’s going to be on Oprah today!! :) Cuz didn’t they show wht Mia looked like on Thanksgiving? Ok, g2g eat now! Bi! :)

  20. Uggh. I am STUFFED. 😉 Anyhow, can you believe that Samantha is backordered until NEXT YEAR??! LOL There goes my chance of getting her for Christmas :(

  21. That sux. You could get the jlu that looks like her though and pretend.

  22. the busytown caretaker says:

    we had a turkeyless thanksgiving. long story. lol!

  23. queen of purpleness says:

    i had turkey and ham. now my bro is ham CRAZY!!! ugh all my family did after we ate was watch the cowboys game!!!!! i don’t really like football soooooo……..

  24. Aw, how cute! Are any of you entering in the holiday photo contest? I am;-)!

  25. Woot, woot. I’m BORED, TOTALLY BORED. Guess what? My little cousin is getting a Wii. I got him Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That game rocks! Have any of you played it? I am always Pit. What? He has wings, lol.

  26. Wait Samantha’s backordered until next year, but… shes gone next year, right?

  27. I guess so. Man, I’m gonna miss her. My friend has her and Nellie. Oh, well:-(. There goes my chance of getting her.

  28. OMJ( Oh my Jonas), that is such a CUTE pic.

  29. but if u order here now ull still get her shell just come after she retired b/c she is backordered

  30. POM (Piece of mind) for all of you: NEVER name the turkey before you slice and cook it.

  31. Sorry, in my other comment, i typed in the wrong email (forgot the e lol) So I said:
    POM (Piece of Mind) for all of you: NEVER name the turkey before you slice and cook it. That’s what Caleb (me and Zoe’s ten-yr-old half-brother) did. Named him Tommy. Good grief, Caleb, why?! lol

  32. well, I meant that she’s backordered till Jan 09 and her accessories till April 09.

  33. i just ordered mias bed its going to be shipped jan 23rd cause it backordered itsnt tht weird ill get it after shes gone fyi i ordered her accessories two days ago (bed ones) :p excited

  34. goodnight sleep tight
    fyi ive got the flu this was the worst turkey day eva

  35. thxgiving is just FULL of stories!!!!! LOL 2 ALL!!!!!

  36. Where are you that you have gotten snow already?? I live in Washington and we sometimes get snow, but always at weird times. We might get some in January-March if we’re lucky. December too possibly. I can’t wait for Christmas. I asked for Mia’s pajamas for Christmas, and just as I was showing my mom my AG wishlist online, they were sold out!!! I was SO mad!! So she said she will look for them on ebay.

  37. I live in ND, and it has snowed a couple of times, but none of it has stayed. It’s super cold though!

  38. her pjs r so cute thts too ba dtheyre sold out i use the christmas snow flake ones as hers

  39. ugg the flu stinks

  40. queen of purpleness says:

    in texas it like NEVER snows but it’s always so cold and dry and every thing is dead and so it’s dreary here. but 2 years ago it snowed like 5 inches on my birthday!!! it was a snow day that was totally awesome!!!!!

  41. tht really cool

  42. the busytown caretaker says:

    i reelly hope it snows on my b-day. fingers crossed. on thanksgiving we ate the turkey at ten o clock, and my mom sprained her ankle badly on the front step. lately shes been wheeling herself around with one knee on a chair with wheels on the bottom. its kinda funny but she gives us dirty looks when we laugh.

  43. omg so much of sams stuff is sold out already see thts what ag wanted, to make money i dont care though i never liked samatha but i think they should have retired molly cause samatha is much prettier

  44. I know!!! Texas is JUST cold and dry!! LOL I just got back from NYC last night! I got to see Miley!! It was a ton of fun…. Oh ya! I went to the NYC AGP and got the 4th to last Samantha doll!!! I luv her sooooo much!!! I also got Felicity’s new gown. (It’s SOOO pretty BTW) Hey Madi where you her when it snowed in March?? That was SOO awsome!! It almost snowed on My golden b-day (I turned 11 on Dec. 11) but obviously it didn’t!!

  45. Yeah, in a week, I’m going on a school trip to an enviromental learning center in Minnesota (I’ll be there 4 1/2 days) and they say it will be freezing! Colder than it is here, and it was only 9 degrees the other day!

  46. 9 degrees??!! U lucky!! It’s like 59 here!! ; ) lol Will there be snow?? I wish I could go on a class trip!! That would be a ton of fun (did i just RYHM??) But I’m homeschooled so that will prob never happen!! hehe! = )

  47. Lol. Yes, i think there will be snow, but I’m not positive. It would make sense though because on the list of things to bring it said SNOWpants.

  48. new board
    go to the new scoop

  49. It’s snowing! AWESOME! :-)! Do any of you have Jess the doll?

  50. i hav jess