Hi! My name is Lisa and I will be doing a review about all the Life of Faith Dolls; Elsie, Millie, Violet, Laylie and Kathleen. The LOF dolls are now discontinued, however, they still sell on eBay and some on Amazon. New ones usually cost over $200, while used ones sell from $50-$200. Especially if they are in their meet outfits. They are now collector’s items.

All Life of Faith Dolls have rooted hair and plastic bodies. Unlike many other 18” dolls they do not have cloth torsos. Since they do not have cloth it gives more of a natural figure and they fit better in shirts and dresses. LOF dolls do not have sleepy eyes, but their eyes are gorgeous and so are their eye-lashes.

Each LOF doll is unique. My friend brought her Millie doll once and her doll had longer hair. Or some Elsie doll eyes are more burgundy then others. I have never seen two LOF dolls that look the exactly the same.

I do not recommend using a curling iron on LOF dolls hair. I have never tried it personally, but from what I have heard it will damage their hair. When I want to curl their hair I use sponge curlers and let them wear them over night and in the morning their hair looks stunning. Also, do not hair-spray their hair. Wire brushes work best on their hair and sometimes a little squirt of water form a spray bottle keeps it looking shiny.

Elsie Dinsmore

Life of Faith Dolls

In the photo above are my two Elsie dolls. Elsie and Elsie Ann. The doll on the left is the original Elsie Dinsmore doll. She is wearing her original meet outfit. You cannot see it in the picture, but her hair is not as curly as when she is brand new. When I first got Elsie she had beautiful brown ringlets, but once you brush her hair it gets horribly messy. So, I highly recommend only finger styling.

The doll on the right is the next edition of Elsie. Life of faith re-did Elsie, Millie and Violet right before they were discontinued. Elsie Ann’s dress is not as lavish, and she is not as great of quality as the original. The plastic she is made out of is not as durable as the original dolls and is more prone to melt if left out in the sun too long. However, her hair is in much better condition. Only finger-styling with her hair has helped keep it in excellent condition.

Elsie Dinsmore has 28 original books, written by Martha Finley. She also has 8 new edition books, where 2 of her children in her book have different names then in the original.

Millie Keith

Life of Faith Dolls

Pictured above is the original Millie Keith Doll; wearing her original meet outfit. She has blonde wavy hair. Millie’s blonde hair is so fun to style! LOF re-did Millie and her new outfit was a pink dress. It was still very pretty and stunning. However, I think Millie looks better in purple.

Millie Keith has 7 original books, written by Martha Finley. In those books her name was Mildred Keith. She was introduced as Millie in the new series of 8 books. Millie is Elsie Dinsmore’s cousin.

Violet Travilla

Life of Faith Dolls

In this picture you see the original Violet dressed her original meet outfit. She has straight, layered, dark brown hair. LOF re-did Violet and her new dress was black and white striped. Like Millie and Elsie the new doll wasn’t as well made as the original. Violet was my first ever 18” doll, and for being around 7 years old she is great condition! All life of Faith Dolls are very well made and durable.

Violet has no original books, because she is mentioned at book 7 of the Elsie Dinsmore books till the end. Violet is Elsie’s daughter. In the books Violet has curly blonde hair. However, in the new series of 8 books she has dark brown hair to match her doll.

Laylie Colbert

Life of Faith Dolls

The original Laylie Colbert is pictured above. When I got her new her hair was up in braids on top of her head, but I hated that style and took the braids down. Personally, I think her hair is beautiful and looks better down. LOF did not re-do Laylie. And I am glad they didn’t because she looks wonderful in her pink dress! My favorite outfit on her is her meet outfit (In picture she is not wearing original shoes).

Laylie does not have any original books. She was never even mentioned until the new Millie Keith books came out. Laylie now has one book.

Kathleen McKenzie

Life of Faith Dolls

Above is the original Kathleen McKenzie. She is wearing her original meet outfit (No shoes). Kathleen’s hair is a beautiful, curly, red. Like Elsie I recommend only finger styling her hair. Her green dress really sets off her beautiful eyes.

Kathleen is not related to any of the other girls. Her books are set in a different era and are not written by Martha Finley. Kathleen has 4 books.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these lovely dolls! If you have any questions about the Life of Faith doll collection or books, please comment! Thanks!

-Lisa Rose

*** Thanks so much Lisa Rose for taking the time to put this together for us. They are truly beautiful dolls!