Reader Photos of McKenna and More

Time to share some more awesome Doll Diaries reader photos!!

American Girl McKenna

McKenna madness has begun and photos of the McKenna debut and McKenna in her new homes are showing up all over. This is a photo of McKenna from Savannah.

Mckenna hamster

Randi Rose went to the McKenna debut at American Girl on New Year’s Day and took this close up of her hamster that is part of her bedroom set.

McKenna gift bag

This is the doll sized gym bag that was given to girls who came for the McKenna debut event on January 1 or 2nd at American Girl Place.

Jana took her daughter to the American Girl store at Tysons for the debut. This is one of the McKenna displays – showing her practice outfit and her gymnastics equipment.

For more photos check the Doll Diaries Facebook page, the reveal album on Stephenswodadancer Facebook page and there are quite a few videos of her debut on YouTube already as well.



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  1. myaj says:

    and like maybe overalls in a cuter style

  2. Lace says:

    Would pay even more if they would return to the old Pleasant Company quality.

  3. Akela says:

    Even if it was ever more expensive the quality was so much better.

  4. Lena says:

    Most of the outfits are around $30.

    PC quality was not golden. Felicity’s windmill: so few are still intact because they were so fragile, collectors pay $100 just for a cheep piece of wood that breaks when you touch it.

    Kirsten’s cats and Molly’s dog were originally made of fur, but non-posable and real pets attacked them constantly.

    Kirsten’s tine was originally this really thin painted wood, and only changed to the thich carved wood version when Mattel took over.

  5. Teeny says:

    I think that the next release for MyAG and possibly historical characters will be on Feb. 28th. I found new mysteries for the historicals on amazon and that is their release date. Maybe MG/C will get new outfits… ?!?!?

  6. Haley says:

    A lot of people seem to be upset that Mckenna did not come out with a friend doll. Yet the goty dolls collections usually get things added in later in the year. so it is possible that american girl may come out with a Josie doll later in year just like Gwen did with Chrissa

  7. Lena says:

    Gwen & Sonali came out at the same time as Chrissa.

    Teeny, MG & C’s paperdolls have springy dreses and summery dresses, and people’ve found a new table & chairs set at AGP LA for them. I’m betting on spring stuff for them, and summer stuff for the MYAGs. It usually comes out around Valentine’s Day.

  8. abbi says:

    i got mckenna today and i love her shes so pretty and she has really soft hair

  9. abbi says:

    and they still havent come out with the movie so when they do then they may come out with a friend doll

  10. Char says:

    The movie is set for release in July – right before the Olympics

  11. Teeny says:

    Great! I am excited to see MG/C’s new stuff! I wonder if MG will get a bed so they each have one…..

  12. Teeny says:

    Lena- Do you know what the table/chairs set looks like? Are there any pictures or videos on Youtube?

  13. Lace says:

    Lena-I agree that not all of PC’s items were the best but I think overall they were of better qualitiy….my collection is 20 to 25 years old and has held up great. I buy all the newer items but I am disappointed more often than I was with PC items. However when AG makes items like Cecile’s bed it reminds me why I keep buying them. :)

  14. tyne says:

    wow, an new table and chair set for Cecile and Marie Grace would be great. ANyone have pictures of that? Any accessories to go with them? That release was very low on accessories.

  15. Ashley says:

    McKenna has my name all over her!!

  16. Hayley says:

    I think I MIGHT costumize a doll of mine and sell her to buy McKenna

  17. Erica W says:

    i had a dream that i got mckenna

  18. Meg says:

    its my Bday today

  19. Char says:

    Happy Birthday Meg

  20. Meg says:

    thank you

  21. Hayley says:

    Happy birthday Meg

  22. megmeg says:

    Hey i went there but i didn’t know about the free gym bags. so i left without one . :(

  23. olivia says:

    Happy Birthday Meg!

    IDK about you guys but I am in love with Mckenna’s bed. I want it so bad! I hope I will be able to get it at some point. I also can’t wait till I’m able to get Mckenna! Ugh! Why AG do you have to be so expensive?

  24. maddy says:

    hi, it’s my birthday and i am crossing my fingers to get mckenna!

  25. Alyssa says:

    I love McKenna and I really hope I get her!

  26. Mia says:

    McKenna is soooooooo pretty I ordered her and she should be coming tomorrow I’m excited

  27. c.c at says:

    i got McKenna on januarary 1 and she is prettier in real life, i also bought her bed,starter collection,and her school outfit. yayaayayayayyayayyayayayyaayayyahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! (happy b-day maddy and meg)

  28. Lucy says:

    I love mckenna!! I hope I get her!

  29. Dakota says:

    Me too, Lucy! I also want her beam+bar!!!

  30. Belle says:

    im really excited when i go to the american girl store this weekend