I hope you had a great week! Here are some of the reader photos that made it to my inbox this week. If you sent one in and don’t see it here, don’t worry, I’ll add it next week.

Katey shared her doll family portrait – and they are a good looking bunch if I do say so – Top Row (left to right)~ Lanie GOTY 2010, Kanani GOTY 2011, McKenna GOTY 2012, and Abby MAG #24. Bottom Row (left to right)~ Katy MAG #35, Jess GOTY 2006, Samantha, and Emily.

Over spring break my family and my dolls went to the Grand Canyon! It was a lot of fun! My dolls were a little scared though. We could only fit 3 dolls in the car so we decided to bring Elizabeth (my sister Samantha’s doll) and then Kailey and Rebecca (my dolls). In this photo it was the end of the day and our dolls were very cold they left their jackets at home so we rushed to the hotel and snuggled by the heater. What a fun day and an incredible view! Submitted by Allyson.

Apologies to Megan – she sent this photo of her dolls in ages ago and it got lost in my overflowing inbox.

Earlier in the week we were talking about Play Wonder clothes and American Girl dolls. Madelon sent in quite a few photos and she just picked up another outfit. She wanted to try a new Play Wonder outfit to see if the fit improved. The shorts don’t close, but she likes the rest of the look. The hat was well made and the shoes didn’t come with the outfit. She likes that the scarf can also be headwear.

We always LOVE to see what your dolls are up to and the adventures they have! Feel free to send in photos to share@dolldiaries.com and your photo may be featured in one of our Sunday Reader Photo showcases.