Wow! I love my readers! You all are sending in enough pictures that I can do a weekly post just on you.

Julie sent in this photo her doll Dakota #24 or 26 who is sitting in a chair from Walmart  the same place where the table came from, the lava lamp and the computer are erasers from Walmart also. The fruit, napkin and drink is from the Fiesta set from American Girl same as the outfit. She got a little jar from Target with a few other things and just took the cap off and put print out money in it using it like a piggy bank . She made the binder and the purse was found at a yard sale for  – it is a phone purse but Julie did not have a phone so she tried it on her doll and it fit.

Hayley’s dolls are ready for spring.

Lori’s 6 yr old daughter Janelle’s recently had to make a collection of 100 items for the 100th day of kindergarten.  She used American Girl stickers, pictures from her catalogs, and photos of her own dolls to make this poster.  It really shows her love of American Girl dolls!

Chloe sent in lots of pictures but I like this one of Ruthie and Penny best.

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