Reader Photos for February 5

Wow! I love my readers! You all are sending in enough pictures that I can do a weekly post just on you.

Julie sent in this photo her doll Dakota #24 or 26 who is sitting in a chair from Walmart  the same place where the table came from, the lava lamp and the computer are erasers from Walmart also. The fruit, napkin and drink is from the Fiesta set from American Girl same as the outfit. She got a little jar from Target with a few other things and just took the cap off and put print out money in it using it like a piggy bank . She made the binder and the purse was found at a yard sale for  – it is a phone purse but Julie did not have a phone so she tried it on her doll and it fit.

Hayley’s dolls are ready for spring.

Lori’s 6 yr old daughter Janelle’s recently had to make a collection of 100 items for the 100th day of kindergarten.  She used American Girl stickers, pictures from her catalogs, and photos of her own dolls to make this poster.  It really shows her love of American Girl dolls!

Chloe sent in lots of pictures but I like this one of Ruthie and Penny best.

If you have a photo you want featured, send the photo and a description to me at Don’t forget to enter the February Reader Photo event – Virtual Valentine’s through February 15.




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  1. firstie

  2. i like the first one and the seconed one sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  3. Those dolls are so cute and they look happy!

  4. Cool! Also Char are you going to keep doing Spotlight Sites? I also was wondering about the Virtual Valentines gallery; I noticed someone entered two valentines but I thought you were only supposed to do one…?

  5. I love the 100 day collage its sooooo cute and such a great idea!!!!!
    @Priya for the valentines gallery you are alowed to enter a photo each day so thats why you found some by the same person.

  6. Great photos and I love the 100 day idea, what inspiring fun!

  7. Priya – yes, I am going to still do Spotlight Sites – about once a month. For the Virtual Valentine’s everyone is invited to submit as many entries as they wish, but limit it to one per day so I don’t get too far behind! I’d love to have you enter more.

  8. Whats doll diaries and how do I upload a picture because I just put my american girl in the cutest tennis outfit!

  9. Kylie – Doll Diaries is a fun website for doll lovers of all ages. You can email me your photo at to be included in next week’s Reader Photos gallery. One tip – we don’t share personal information like ages, where we live, or last names.

  10. I love that photo that Chloe sent of Ruthie and Penny! Its so cute! I love Ruthies hair and the headband.

  11. Did you get my photo Char?!

  12. Yep! I will feature it in the next batch of reader photos – next weekend.

  13. THANKS!

  14. Great photos! I really love that one poster for the 100 days of school. Super idea!

  15. Whats spotlight sites?

  16. I wonder which doll I should get Char?

  17. Princess Belle says:

    Char, what wonderful readers you have! I was previously Belle, but then noticed someone had the same name, so I am now Princess Belle. Char, would you like me to send in one of Taryn? I have the Cirque De Monde for Taryn. I think it looks better on Leonie, so I could send it in and see what you think.
    ~ Princess Belle

  18. Fun!!

  19. Absolutely! I’d love to feature even more doll variety!

  20. I just read your reply to my comment, thanks! I must’ve missed the per day part. :)

  21. Thanks char and I love ruthie and the horse

  22. I WANT McKENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. How do u know all the sneak peaks like the next girl of the years and historical characters??

  23. OMG Cami’s Cuties r so awesome and cute!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. I love the collage! (Did I spell that right?) I remember my 100th day of 1st grade and I brought in 100 mustard seeds, it looked like only ten! Oh, and Char, I’m so so sorry I changed my email, but the other one is invalid. It’s so cool that Lanie’s hair was straightened! My Lanie’s hair started to straighten, but I re-curled it and now it’s back to normal.

  25. Dakota thanks I straighten lanies hair on the lowest setting with a ceramic hair straightner

  26. That’s cool, Hayley, I’ll have to try it sometime!

  27. Yeah that what i did to my Kirsten doll to and now she’s in her Sunday best ( Marie grace meet outfit ) with braids And I also did that to my Marie grace doll to with the braids shes my gymnast doll now

  28. i love the first pic the best
    char which american girl would you recommend the most
    :) lover :)

  29. I love the 100 day collection. Such a cute idea. I also have the chair and table in the first photo.

  30. Please Awnser anybody- does any body know the Awnser to this question? I ordered a doll on Friday does she come Wednesday Thursday or maybe a different day she shipped out Friday to.

  31. Oh and lover if it’s your first doll it is easiest to take care of

  32. Sorry the doll was kit

  33. Char,r u there? I asked a question a long time ago.

  34. Kylie she’s probably been busy with Natalie’s swim meets

  35. Kylie – ask me your question again and I will try my best to answer it.

  36. Hi I’m new to dolldiaries and I’d like to know how to send you pictures??

  37. Hanna – welcome! You can submit photos by emailing them to me at Look forward to sharing them.

  38. Char- my question was how do you know all the next dolls of american girl because someone said something about if Addy and Kaya retire there will be two new dolls that you already knew about.

    P.S. I sent my pic in and you said that you would post it this weekend.

  39. does anyone recommend Marie-Grace?

  40. Kylie your photo is going up in the Reader Photo event tomorrow.

  41. Kylie – I highly recommend her she’s gorgeous imcluding with Cecile