Another week, another full inbox!  I love it!

Alyssa sent in some great pictures of her dolls and things she has made for them. From left to right. Back row- Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, Elizabeth, Felicity (on the horse from Battat) with a Best Friends to be Made cat, Mia, Julie, Ivy, and Kirsten. Bottom Row- Kanani, Grace (Kit’s dog), Nellie, Lulu (Julie’s bunny), Sonali, Lanie, Rebecca’s cats, Gwen, Chrissa, Ruthie, Molly, Josefina, and Kaya. If you’re wondering, I have 19 dolls, 3 doll cats, one doll bunny, one doll dog, one doll horse, and a doll hamster. You can see individuals and the doll school items she has made at

Priya mardi gras skirt

From Priya at , “Just yesterday I made a Mardi Gras skirt for my doll out of tissue paper. I was inspired by Karen’s craft for a Mardi Gras skirt made with streamers that she posted on Doll Diaries. First, I wrapped white tissue paper around her and secured it in the back with a hair band. Then I carefully wrapped two smaller pieces of pink tissue paper around the white tissue paper and tied a ribbon around it. Here is a photo of her wearing the skirt along with a Mardi Gras mask I made. “


Sydney sent in this cute photo of her doll Asia with her dog Cooper.

duct duck tape dress for dolls

Emily did a great job on this duck tape dress for Chrissa.

Madelon sent in another great find. “The weather was so nice today Kanani decided to have her snack outside. She is trying to pick from an assortment of treats. All of the desserts are actually lip glosses that wer purchased for one dollar each at the dollar store.”

Cecile yellow outfit

Emma got Cecile’s new outfit and took an adorable photo of her doll wearing it. According to Emma, “The dress is sort of the material that Elizabeth’s meet outfit is made of. It is a lovely yellow that most dolls should be able to pull off. The bonnet is worth the whole purchase! It is so dainty looking! It even comes with boots, which will match almost anything.”

Alicia went to the American Girl store and brought home her new McKenna (who I think looks great in red). “I went to the American girl place in Seattle and I got my newest American girl doll McKenna. Here she is wearing the leggings that came with her outfit and the American girl Seattle t shirt and the scarf and mittens, it also came with a hat but i didn’t put it on her. I also got some clothes for my other dolls and a few of McKenna’s outfits and the Sweet Treats pajamas, McKenna looks really cute in it.”

Veronika by Carpatina

Lisa got a new Carpatina doll this week – Veronika – except that she renamed her Vaidilut? which is Lithuanian for “priestess” and it’s pronounced pretty much the way it looks: VY dih LUT ey. Lisa was absolutely stunned at how gorgeous Vaidilut? is – so much PIP (Prettier in Person) even than she had expected. I will have to agree with Lisa on this one – stunning!

Here Vaidilut? is comparing dresses with her Carpatina sister Ana-Ming who Lisa has renamed Kirsa which is Mongolian for “Fox.”

Thanks to everyone for sending in their photos for me to share this week! Have a GREAT day and I’m off to another swim meet with Natalie today – its her last one for a while and its championships for her.