When this post goes live I will be on my way to a very happy place! I will be covering the latest releases and news from the toy world – specifically dolls – from the Toy Fair in New York City. The Doll Diaries Facebook page will have the latest updates from the show.

I would like to thank everyone who sent in photos this week! They always make me so happy!

Catherine is so excited to have recently gotten McKenna! Here is a picture of her with her dog, Cooper. She is very pretty and I LOVE her hair. I highly recommend her!

Kylie sent in a photo of Peyton (doll) and Clementine at the stables practicing jumps. Peyton is wearing a cute riding outfit that Kylie got for her birthday.

Gwyn shared her beautiful Ellowyne Wilde collection with me! Oh, how I just love them! From the top: Pretty Little Lizette, Moody Blues, Mistakenly Sad, Prudence Dressed Me.
Bottom row: Feeling Fatigue, A Day of Ennui (2010 event), Prudence Ennui and Me and Essential Lizette.

This is a picture featuring Amy’s daughter’s American Girl dolls. They dressed them up in their party clothes to celebrate her Mom’s 71st birthday. From left, Rebecca, Julie, Marie Grace, Kanani and KC. Rebecca is wearing Marie Grace’s ball gown; Julie is wearing Kanani’s starter dress (the dress Kanani comes in); Marie Grace is wearing Rebecca’s summer dress; Kanani is wearing Marie Grace’s starter dress/hat; KC is wearing clothes from Rebecca’s movie star dress up trunk; and the table and chairs are from a shop on etsy.

Erica shares a photo of her Grandmother’s Madame Alexander doll collection. One of her favorites is Cleopatra. In the back are Erica’s American Girl dolls, Kanani, Julie, Ivy, and Lizzie. Also in the back is a Madam Alexander ballerina doll that is about 20″ tall.

Kristi sent in a photo of the Doll School her daughter Liana set up. “Miss Jordan” (MyAG # 54) is asking the class, “Who is ready to start our day with a song?” Of course Kanani raises her hand as she is so outgoing.

Dolls is the picture:

  • Jordan-MyAG #54 -wearing a handmade dress
  • Madame Alexander-Katie (in Zebra print) -wearing a handmade dress
  • AG Historical Ruthie -wearing a handmade Asian outfit
  • GOTY 2008 Mia -wearing the Journey Girls ice skating outfit
  • GOTY 2011 Kanani -wearing a handmade dress
  • Our Generation Alexis -wearing the Journey Girls soccer outfit
  • GOTY 2007 Nicki -wearing one of her AG outfits

The school board they are using is a craft I made (and posted about on my blog.) It is double sided with a weather board and writing space on the other side. The teacher’s desk and chair are a stool and chair that I re-purposed with zebra print duck tape and electrical tape. The jewelry box/dresser in a thrift store find. The blue “rug” is a small pillow case from Pottery Barn. The little purple stand in a jewelry box that was painted for my daughter. The radio and bean bag chair are from Walmart.

WOW! Doll School looks like FUN!

Thanks to all who sent in photos this week!! What a great variety of dolls we got to showcase!! If you have photos of your dolls you would like to share, email them to me with a description to share@dolldiaries.com.