Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Whenever Laura invites you to join in one of her blog hops, you know it is going to be fun! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and every color of the rainbow, she invited a bunch of her blogging friends to a challenge – the DIY Create a Rainbow Blog Hop. We were assigned a random color from the rainbow and had to make a fun project from it. I got red – I think that is because after spending a few days with me at Toy Fair, Laura got the message – my favorite color is red (followed by purple).

Since April was already wearing this adorable red and white polkadot dress made for her by Diana, I took that as my inspiration and made her a Lady Bug Suitcase.  You can follow along to make one just like mine, or be creative and come up with a design of your own.

Doll Sized Ladybug Suitcase

Supplies I used:

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Step 1 – Paint the entire wooden suitcase in any color you like (of course, mine is red) and let it dry.

Step 2 – Add a ribbon or paint stripe 3/4 way down on your suitcase. Attach it to the suitcase with hot glue or fabric glue. Let dry.

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Step 3 – Cut out the Tulip Body Art stencil you wish to use, peel off the backing and lightly press it in to place on your surface. The Tulip Body Art stencils are meant to be used on your body, but like most craft supplies, you are only limited by your imagination!

Step 4 – Apply glue (comes in Tulip Body Art Stencil Kit) in the design, making sure you don’t miss a spot.

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Step 5 – Using the glitter color that matches your design, fill in the glue areas with glitter. I used the applicator brush and went over it a few times to make sure I hadn’t missed a spot.

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Step 6 – Carefully peel back the stencil and let the design dry. Once the design is dry, lightly tap it over the garbage can to get rid of any loose glitter.

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Step 7 – Add any other embellishments you might like – say a button or two and your doll is ready to pack her bags and take a trip!!

Ladybug suitcase for dolls

Where do you think April is headed? Somewhere over the rainbow is my guess!!

Now for a few more fun details:

  • April is a My AG doll from American Girl
  • Dress is hand made by Diana
  • Chair is from The Queen’s Treasures

As part of this blog hop, you can enter to win a huge stash of rainbow colored craft supplies (and that just might come in handy this summer – wink, wink):

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