Raggedy Ann Turns 95

The Original Raggedy Ann Created by Johnny Gruelle in 1915, Raggedy Ann was one of the first, if not the first, doll to be marketed with a line of story books. Raggedy Ann is a rag doll known for having red yarn hair and a triangular nose. She was created for Gruelle’s daughter Marcella who died at the age of 13 after getting a small pox vaccine. Shown to the right is the original Raggedy Ann doll – you can get even more information on the doll and the story behind Raggedy Ann at the Raggedy Ann Museum site.

In celebration of Raggedy Ann’s 95th birthday, there are quite a few anniversary editions of her doll being released. My favorites include:

Marcella Loves Raggedy Ann Doll

Marcella Loves Raggedy Ann Doll – An adorable doll, inspired by Raggedy Ann creator Johnny Gruelle’s daughter. Little Marcella was a sickly child, and to keep up her spirits, Johnny Gruelle entertained her with tales he spun starring her beloved doll, Raggedy Ann. The 8″ fully articulated vinyl Marcella doll has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears a pretty in pink coat over a white skirted outfit. Ensemble includes matching pink hat, white socks, black shoes, and her very own Raggedy Ann doll, too! Limited quantities are available.

Raggedy Ann Cloth Doll 18" by Madame Alexander

Raggedy Ann Cloth Doll 18″ by Madame Alexander
– Raggedy Ann by Madame Alexander is an 18” cloth doll that has a molded face covered in cloth and dazzling red yarn hair. She wears a pale blue cotton dress that features a floral print that’s so unique it’s specially licensed. This classic doll’s dress has a white pique collar and is worn beneath a white apron which has been given a top stitching detail. Raggedy Ann ‘s look is complete with white bloomers and attached black felt shoes on the feet of her red and white striped legs.

Raggedy Ann 95th Anniversary Doll

Raggedy Ann 95th Anniversary Doll
– Special edition Raggedy Ann® takes us back to the time when the little rag doll first captured our hearts. This long-time friend celebrates her 95th year of love and friendship. She’s 12″H and still as huggable as ever. Her facial features have been recreated to closely resemble creator Johnny Gruelle’s original hand-drawn illustrations. Includes display box and commemorative certificate.

Raggedy Ann 95th Anniversary Edition  by Russ Berrie

Raggedy Ann 95th Anniversary Edition by Russ Berrie
– Raggedy Ann is a timeless classic character spreading values of generosity, compassion, and love to generations of girls and boys around the world. This special doll commemorate the 95 years of friendship celebrated with Raggedy Ann and take us back to a simpler time when the little rag doll first captured our hearts. The Raggedy Ann 95th Anniversary Edition Doll is packaged in a window box and include a special commemorative certificate. This long-time favorite doll is 12″. Includes commemorative certificate, window book style box 1 plush doll (surface washable).

If you want more Raggedy Ann fun, here are some cute Raggedy Ann coloring pages and crafts:

And even more Raggedy Ann goodness:

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  1. cool i have a raggerdyann doll i got her from my moms friend. my mom was a ballet dancer . i think thats why i want to be a ballet dancer too.

  2. I have a ragady ann doll I recived one when I was a babie 8 years ago

  3. So cute! 😀

  4. Does anyone have one of those dolls besides me?

  5. They’re such cute dolls!

  6. No offsense, I love Raggedy Ann and Andy, but their kinda creepy. P.S: I need help! I’m babysitting and Luna won’t stop crying! Any advice? Thanks.
    – Jessica

  7. I love that Marcella love Raggedy Ann! I’m gonna order! Still I need help with Luna! Type something funny so I can tell her! She loves jokes and she’s 2 months! P.S: I need an idea for a costume for me and Luna! I wanna match costumes!

  8. What if I read her my old raggedy Ann book I have from when I was little? You think it would work?

  9. I have a Raggedy Ann somewhere in my room at this momement. I wonder where…

  10. Long time, no see! Well my mom never liked Raggedy Ann, while I think she’s cute. ^_^ And Junie B. has both Andy and Ann, LOL. I may have gotten one for my birthday one year, I’m not sure…………….