Karen here and today I want to share a really easy and quick way you can add some  Team Jersey’s to your dolls wardrobe. To make your own you will need:



-Needle and Thread


-Hot Glue (to attach the numbers)

-Your Dolls

Step 1- Fold your felt rectangle in half so that the short ends meet. Cut a Small “V” shape in the center of the felt fold. Place the felt over your dolls head and center it so the short edges meet on both sides.

Step 2- On each side of the felt that touches your dolls back, you will need to sew a button about 1/2 inch up from the bottom corner as shown in the top photo above.

Step 3-  Once the buttons are in place you will place the front side of the felt over the button area and pinch it slightly while you make a VERY SMALL snip in the felt pinch you have created this will make the button hole. Repeat on both sides.

Step 4- Once you have your Jersey made you may wish to put a number or a name on it. I free hand cut the numbers 1 and 2 out of felt and then glued them with hot glue to the  front of the jerseys. You can also sew them.

I hope you enjoy making these for all your dolls!