I’m in love with this week’s Dude Ranch theme!  All good cowgirls and cowboys take care of their beloved horses.  So of course they must keep them snuggly warm!  Today I will show you how to make quick and easy horse blankets for your doll’s horse.


  • Felt
  • Tacky Glue
  • Embellishments:  ribbon, buttons, fabric paint, glitter glue

For the blanket I used one standard sized piece of felt.  I kept the felt the size it came in…no cutting down.  Next the blanket was decorated with ribbons and buttons.  Save your glitter glue and fabric paint for last; once all other embellishments are glued in place.  Let dry.

My daughters and I had a blast decorating the blankets.  One daughter chose a simple sophisticated pattern and the other went for an all out glammed blanket.

The blankets fit nicely on the horses!  Now they are well loved and feeling cozy!

Craft on!