Hi girls, Natalie here! When we were visiting Laura last week we took a “field trip” to A.C. Moore – yes, that was the biggest A.C. Moore I had ever seen. We found some cute wooded birdhouses that we decided would be fun to decorate for Earth Day.

Wooden birdhouse for dolls

We picked up a few different styles. They were super cheap, too – I think they were about $1. I like that they are on a post which makes it easy to put them in the garden or in a flowerpot as a decoration, too.

First I picked my favorite birdhouse and I painted it a Tiffany Blue color with acrylic paints. I added some polka dots (I think that was Laura’s influence) and then used Collage Pauge and Tulip glitter to give it my own special touch.

Julie took the finished bird house out to the garden. Now she just has to wait for some birds to move in!

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!