Are you looking for a really quick, no sew craft you can make for your dolls with materials you probably already have on hand? Today I will show you how to make a no-sew apron using felt and a pattern Laura shared with us last year.

No Sew Felt Apron for dolls

Whether your dolls are doing art, cooking in the kitchen or digging in the garden, a simple apron will help keep their clothes clean and they can even look stylish, too.

No Sew Felt Apron for dolls

Supplies needed:

No Sew Felt Apron  

Step 1 – Download, print and then cut out the apron pattern.

No Sew Felt Apron

Step 2 – Trace your pattern on your felt and then cut out the felt.

No Sew Felt Apron

Step 3 – Cut out the pocket pattern and then trace around it on another piece of felt – it can be the same color or a coordinating one – it’s up to you.

No Sew Apron

Step 4 – Put a thin line around the bottom edge of the pocket and stick it to the apron. Make sure you leave the top part open so your doll can use it.

No Sew Doll Aprons

Step 5 – Glue any embellishments on the pocket or apron.

Step 6 – Use a hole punch to add holes to the shoulders and waist.

Step 7 – Thread the ribbon through the holes. Make sure you cut your ribbon long enough to fit your doll.

No Sew Felt Apron

This project is just so quick and easy – you can make them for all your dolls or for any occasion. They would even be fun as birthday party favors.

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Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!