Karen here and I am sharing with you how to make your own double sided felt story board. I have always loved paper dolls and when my own children were born I was thrilled with all the felt story boards that were on the market. I made them so many felt story boards and characters in the past and today I am putting a dolly spin on it!

To make your own you will need:

  • Kunin Felt in Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue,White and one color of your choice
  • 3 sheets of Phoomph (stiff)
  • Scissors
  • Dolly Catalogs or printed images of your dolls (I used American Girl Catalog and Maplelea)

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies.

Step 2- Fold your felt in half length wise, use your finger to press it down and into place creating a crease. Open it  and cut up the fold so you have two pieces. repeat on your remaining colors.

Step 3- Peel back one edge from your Phoomph and reveal one of the sticky sides. Press your Light blue into place. Line it up along one of the long edges and press into place smoothing out any bubbles.

Step 4- Lay down your green felt and press into place.

Step 5- Turn your felt covered Phoomph over and remove the backing and repeat step 3, using the darker blue and the white felt pieces you cut.

You have created a summer side and a winter side!

Now to make your felt doll friends

Step 1- Cut out your favorite dolls, pets and accessories. You do not have to cut them right to the edge  but close, as you are going to layer them on the Phoomph and cut them out again.

Step 2- On your other sheet of Phoomph peel back the backing on one side and cover it with another sheet of felt, color of your choice, I chose a cream color.

Step 3- Peel back the other side of your Phoomph and begin placing your cut out doll shapes on to the sticky side. Be very careful as you do so not to create bubbles or get your hands stuck to the sticky side. Fill your Phoomph with as many of your cut out shapes as you can. Once you have done so, carefully and slowly cut out your doll shaped friends as close to the edge of your dolls as possible. Use the other sheet of Phoomph on the left over shapes.

I hope you have a wonderful time making and playing with your Double Sided Felt Story Board. You can store your flat felt friends and board in a large ziplock bag when your are not playing with it and bring it with you to play with  and take it out to play just about anywhere!