doll bracelets from buttons

As part of Camp Doll Diaries preview week, Callie set up a station for the campers visiting Camp Doll Diaries for the morning to make some easy button bracelets. 

You only need 3 supplies to make these fun bracelets:

  • Buttons – any size (although small works better with dolls) – of course mine are from Laura Kelly’s collection
  • Elastic thread or embroidery floss
  • Scissors

doll bracelets from buttons

Step 1 – Gather your supplies

Step 2 – Cut a piece of elastic string about 12″ long – you will end up trimming it at the end. Fold it in half and tie a loop. Thread your string through your first button as shown.

Step 3 – Continue adding buttons – you can thread through just two holes, criss cross, or get creative and make your own style. When you get to the last button – this will vary based on the size of the buttons and the size of your doll’s wrist – tie the two ends together tightly and trim the excess string.

Step 4 – Wrap the bracelet around your doll’s wrist. Pull the loop over the last button for a perfect fit and for easy removal.

Easy doll bracelets from buttons

How cute are those? I think this one would look great with the new American Girl Flamingo dress.

If you make this, take photos of the finished product and email them to me at or post them on your Instagram account and tag us (@dolldiaries)!

Have a great Friday!